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For Your ‘Nole’dge: Hailey Luke

Oct. 7, 2013

Hailey Luke has gotten her FSU volleyball career off to a good start this season at the setter spot

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1. Now that you’re through your first month at the collegiate volleyball level, what has the experience been like for you so far?
I think it’s been pretty exciting and there’s definitely a change in the level of play from club and high school. But I feel like I’m getting more adjusted to the players.

2. You’ve got a great family lineage of volleyball athletes. Has there ever been a family reunion where you all have gotten together and played?
Usually at Christmas or Thanksgiving when we get together we usually go out to a park that has beach courts and we’ll just go out and play with each other. My mom played at Nebraska-Kearney, I have a cousin who plays at Penn State, my Aunt played at NC State and the my uncles both played at Florida on their club team.

3. How has it been so far adjusting to college life in general? Is it a transition you have enjoyed?
It’s been fine. I’ve just been busy with classes and tutoring and everything else. It hasn’t been too bad yet. At times it can be difficult to juggle things because everything comes at once, like you’ll have a week or two where you don’t have any assignments or any tests, and then it’s like that next week you have everything.

4. In your eyes, what makes Florida State University the best college destination for you?
It’s a big campus and I like how there’s a lot of people. There’s good academics. It’s not just in a super small town location, there’s other things you can go out and do. There’s more people than just those on campus. You’ve got your nice campus life here, but you can go out and do other things so it’s nice.

5. At this point in your life, who would you consider your most influential person or people?
My mom. She’s always there to support me and everything. She helps get me through hard times in certain situations. She’s been to all the home matches and has gone to Auburn, Georgia Tech and Clemson. She plans on making nearly every home match although the Miami one will be tough on a Wednesday.

6. Being a freshman can always be difficult in terms of being away from home. The first opportunity you get to head back to Altamonte Springs, Fla., what are some things you think you will do?                                              
It will be Christmas time so my family will come. I will hang out with my aunts, uncles, grandma, cousins, everybody. I will probably get back together with a few friends from high school.

7. You’re smack-dab in the middle of the social media generation. How different would your life be if you didn’t have access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.?
I think it would be completely different. I probably wouldn’t have wasted so much time using these things and just sitting there going through your news feed. But it would be hard to imagine life without it, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with people as much and see what’s going on in their life after you don’t get to see them as often. I don’t have Twitter so I only have Facebook and Instagram, and I don’t really post on Facebook I just get tagged in pictures and see what other people post. But I post on Instagram and share pictures.

8. What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended in your life?
Well I’ve only been to two concerts. One was Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in Orlando like two years ago. Then I went to Luke Bryan this past January. I really like him. I listen to whatever is on, but I like country the most. Usually in the team locker room there is a lot of One Direction and then pop and rap and that type of stuff.

9. Do you have a good memory of the first time you picked up a volleyball and played?
I’ve been around it my whole life with my mom coaching and always being in a gym. I don’t really remember when I first started playing though, but I know I wasn’t very good and I was the chubby player on the court with glasses. I wasn’t very good and didn’t play a lot.

10. If the world could stay at just one temperature for your entire life, what temperature would you set it at?
I think probably like 60, 65, 70 range. I would rather not be so stinkin’ hot the whole time. I would prefer it to be fall, but in Orlando the temperature doesn’t really change in the winter. You can still wear shorts on Christmas, so I’d like it to be more of a cooler temperature.

11. If you could have a sandwich named after you, what might you call it and what would be on the sandwich?
What would be on it would probably be ham, turkey, basic things. Honey mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, American cheese, and it would probably be a toasted sandwich and be warm. I would probably call it the Skywalker.

12. With that catchy sandwich title being said, did you ever get the whole “Luke I am your father” reference a lot growing up?
Some people have run with it but it’s not used all that often. I heard it when I was younger a lot, then in high school some people would say some things.

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