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For Your ‘Nole’dge: Leah Mikesky

Oct. 11, 2012

Through the remainder of the season, each Florida State indoor volleyball student-athlete will participate in a question and answer session that goes beyond the volleyball court and will be posted weekly on Seminoles.com. The third student-athlete is freshman outside hitter Leah Mikesky

1. First and foremost, what are some of the best things about Texas?

My town is real small. We have three stoplights in my whole town. In Texas, I like how things are really spread out, even in Houston it’s really spread out. There’s plenty of room to do stuff. I like the barbecue because it’s made of beef and not pork or chicken. I don’t know what it is, but I like saying that I’m from Texas. I want to go back to Texas and live there. Another thing I like about Texas is getting to make brush piles and burn fires whenever I want.

2. Up to this point, what do you consider the most important event in your life and why?

I kind of remember when I first started playing club volleyball when I was about at the end of sixth grade. Somebody came and talked to my mom and said `You know she could actually be really good at volleyball. She should play club.’ I went and tried out and the club coach called me that night and said, `Yeah you’re going to be really good and we want you on the team.’ I guess that’s one of the most important moments because I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have club.

3. What might be the best gift you have ever received??

When I was nine I think, for Christmas my dad had been talking about getting us dirt bikes. That Christmas my sister and I looked for presents under the tree and there was nothing but helmets and we were confused. He then took us outside and showed us our dirt bikes. He really wanted us to ride them.

4. What is your favorite thing about fall, besides volleyball?

We never really had a true fall in Texas. We always wanted to pretend it was more of a fall season than we actually had, so if any leaves fell from the trees we would try to rake them up and jump in them even though they were dead leaves that were nasty and dirty.

5. What song makes you dance the most?

I like Rascal Flatts a lot. I would like my wedding song to be “God Bless the Broken Road.”

6. Do you remember the first time you were mentioned in the newspaper/on the news? What did that feel like?

It was for swimming. When I was younger I was better at swimming and went to a regional meet in Houston and had gotten first, second and third in some events. I qualified for nationals but didn’t go. I think that was the first time my picture was in the newspaper and I didn’t know what to expect. I thought they were going to interview me which they didn’t. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to go get the newspaper and look at it.

7. What embarrassing story does your family, coaches or teammates always tell about you?

My embarrassing story is that when I was little (living in the country) if I ever had to go to the bathroom I would just go behind a tree or something and I did it all the time at home and then one time when we went to church I walked into the church yard and started going to the bathroom! I didn’t know better!

8. If you could be a fictional character, which one would you be and why?

I would be Daphne, the girl on Scooby Doo. She was cool and got to do all types of stuff. I feel like that was a little boy show but my sister and I were obsessed with Scooby Doo when we were little.

9. Which song would you want to be the biggest hit on a soundtrack about your life?

I know I’ve said this before and it’s my favorite song, but “Stand” from Rascal Flatts. I would say that song. I just like the song.

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