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For Your ‘Nole’dge: Mara Green

Oct. 17, 2012

Through the remainder of the season, each Florida State indoor volleyball student-athlete will participate in a question and answer session that goes beyond the volleyball court and will be posted weekly on Seminoles.com. The fourth student-athlete is freshman outside hitter Mara Green

1. Talking about this weekend, how excited are you to head back near your neck of the woods and play at Georgia Tech?

1. I’m really excited about playing back there. Since it is where I’m from family and friends can come and it’s going to be cool having them being able to watch me play. When I’m playing at other places it’s like `Oh, look at their families and friends that are here. It’d be cool if mine were here,’ so it’s going to be cool that everyone will be able to come out and see the team. I know a lot of people from my high school will be there.

2. When was the last time you had an amazing meal? What was it?

I would have to say the last time I had my grandmother’s fettuccine alfredo. She makes the best that I’ve ever had. That was around late June, about a week before I came here. The alfredo is thicker and creamier and I don’t know what’s in it but it is good!

3. If you could choose to stay at a certain age forever, what would that be and why?

3. I would say 18 because that was my senior year in high school and I loved my senior year. It was pretty chill with classes and I just had a real good time with my friends during that year. Also, I don’t have to worry about the responsibilities of working, taxes and paying bills. I would want to stay at 18 because I would still be old enough to do stuff.

4. Do you have one item growing up that you’ve always held on to and never wanted to throw away?

I don’t. I’ve never been very materialistic. I’ve never said `I need to have this.’ I always got teddy bears growing up so I’d throw the one before up in the closet.

5. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

I would creep so hard! I like to know what people think about me although I don’t necessarily care what people think about me. I’d probably have one of my friends go and set someone up and say `So what do you think about Mara?’ And then I would just stand there and listen and say `Oh so that’s what you really think of me!’

6. What single piece of technology has impacted your life the greatest?

My iPod because I can go without my phone, Facebook and Twitter but I love listening to music. If I lost my iPod I would probably cry because I need music. I’ve gone without my phone a lot before.

7. What might be your favorite dance move of all time?

I don’t have a particular dance move, but I love watching people break dance. I think that is so interesting. Just seeing how people can hold themselves with one arm, I think it’s so cool.

8. What has it been like for you midway through your freshman year to be a part of Florida State volleyball?

It’s actually not as overwhelming as I thought it would be since I hadn’t played for six months before I got here due to my stress fracture. I was real nervous coming into it, but they really eased me into it and it’s funny because I’m a middle blocker and I come here and I’m a right-side and never played that before. It was definitely something new, but it always keeps me on my toes and I’m wondering what’s next. My teammates and I get along great; they welcomed me with big open arms. They’re helpful with things on the court and off the court.

9. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Winning states my senior year. Ever since my freshman year we’d say `We’re going to win states guys’ and we could never do it, but senior year was a year to remember. We all worked so hard that year and the team was completely changed. It was a good year all around.

10. If you were rich but still wanted to work, what kind of employment would you seek?

I would try a couple different jobs to get people’s perspectives on things. I would probably want to be a waitress at a nice restaurant and get a good tip. I like being able to talk to people and my mom is actually a server and she’s met a lot of people and made so many connections because she’s such a friendly and outgoing person. I’d want to do that so I can make more money!

11. What are some of your pet peeves?

I’m not a huge fan when people chew with their mouth open. I cannot stand that. It’s like `Close your mouth. I see what you are eating on your plate but I don’t want to see it in your mouth!’

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