February 14, 2006 - by
Former FSU Linebacker Going for Canine Championship Tonight

Feb. 14, 2006

New York –
Television cameras were quick to pick up the pumping fist of Keith Carter as his Rottweiler, Shaka, was named the winner of the working dogs category at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show on Monday night. Carter bred, owns and handled Shaka during the nationally televised competition and his reaction to his dogs victory seemed both genuine and second nature as well it should be since Carter has had his share of celebrations as a former linebacker for the Florida State football team in the mid `80s.

Carter will get a chance tonight to place a Best In Show cup on his mantel next to the working dogs trophy won last night and alongside his own trophies as a member of FSU teams that won two Fiesta Bowls, a Sugar, All-American and Gator from 1985-89.

USA Network will televise the Westminster competition tonight with Best in Show likely to be awarded around 11:00 p.m. EST.

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