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Former Seminole Nick Maddox Returns To Florida State

Sept. 12, 2005

Nick Maddox enjoyed a stellar career at Florida State and helped lead the Seminoles to the National Championship in 1999. He spent two years in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns and the Carolina Panthers and is back on campus this semester to finish out his degree requirements. He sat down with and reflected on his greatest memories of his Florida State career and what he plans to do in the future.

What’s it like playing in the NFL?
It’s a progression going from high school to college, and then from college to the NFL. Playing at Florida State and playing with the caliber of athletes I played with here was a big help. In the NFL, the players are the best in the world, but for me the transition into the NFL wasn’t as difficult as it might have been for other players. The NFL is definitely more so of a business. I’ve seen that progression too, from when I finished with my high school career to when I arrived at Florida State. It’s just a progression of the business, and that’s part of the game. All in all, playing in the NFL is fun and I had a great time. I met great people and played under great coaches. It’s definitely something that you plan to play, but you don’t plan to play it for the rest of your life.

What’s the biggest difference between NFL and College?
At Florida State, in my opinion, we had practices that were probably more intense then some NFL games. But on game day there is no such thing as day off and there is no such thing as an opponent that you are just heads and shoulders above as far as talent level. That’s probably the biggest difference — week in and week out any team can win. It’s just like they say, on any given Sunday, is literally that, on any given Sunday any team can win.

How close are you to getting your degree? Are you back in school?
Yes, I am back in school and looking forward to earning my degree. I’m about 12 hours short so this is actually my last semester

What are you earning your degree in?
I am gong to earn my degree in real estate computer science with a minor in economics.

What are you doing to stay in shape? Are you looking to make another run at the NFL?
I have had a couple of teams that were interested in me and who wanted to sign me but I decided that I want to finish my degree. That’s my main priority right now. When spring rolls around, then I’ll am going to go back out there and give football all I have once again. But right now, I’m in school, I want to finish school and, I want to start to build on the rest of my life after football. Even though I have decided to go back to football in the spring, I still want to begin building a base while I’m playing to go on with the rest of my life after I finish playing football.

What do you miss most about Florida State?
I miss the players that were here, the coaches that were here and the administration. I miss everybody really. I miss the environment and being a college student. The people here were so good to me that I felt like this was my home for four years and really, I still would call this my home even though I’ve been gone for three years. I miss the closeness of the players, the closeness of the administration with the players as well as the sports information and sports marketing departments.

What is your greatest memory of your career at Florida State?

My greatest memory would probably have to be…winning that national championship in New Orleans in 1999. That was probably my greatest memory along with the players. Some of the players I played with my senior year were probably just as important as winning that national championship — players like Greg Jones. I felt like Greg and I complemented each other so well to the point where there were games that we could go out and gain 200-300 yards just between if we got the opportunity to do it. I think those two things are probably my best memories of being here at Florida State.

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By Andy Cunningham
Sports Information Student Assistant
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