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From A to Z With Women’s Tennis Freshman Suzanna Mansour

March 22, 2006

A is for Ambitious

I want a lot for my life, but mainly I want to be successful in everything I do.


B is for Beach

Nothing is better than a day on the beach, not on any beach but on PALM BEACH!! I love the sun and miss the old days at home with my friends and family at the beach.


C is for Competitiveness

I guess it runs in the family, my mom was a gymnast and my dad was a top soccer player in Europe. Now my little brother is one of Florida‘s top players and I am a tennis player. Everyone has competed in my family at one point or another. My brother and I have always been very competitive since we were young until I left home about 6 months ago. We competed in races, of who can run faster to who can get to my moms car and close the door first.

Suzi is one of the league’s top freshmen players



D is for Driving

I always end up being the girl “you can ask for rides from whenever, and she wont say no!” If anyone needs a ride somewhere my phone is always the one that rings first and I just don’t know how to say NO!


E is Eating

This is my favorite pastime next to sleeping. For those who live with me (Tapiwa and Foley) know. I am either eating or sleeping at anytime of the day when I am home. (I do wake up in the middle of the night to eat sometimes….What?…I get hungry…..)


F is for Faith and Family

I have been brought up in a tremendous way. Faith and family have always come first. Without these two things I don’t think I would be where I am today. Faith always getting through trials and tribulations and my family has been the biggest support system in my life.


G is for Giving

I get this trait from mostly from my father. There is no one you will ever meet with more of an open, loving, giving, and helpful heart. I never let down someone who asks me for a favor or help.








H is for Holland

MU HOME COUNTRY!! I was born and raised there for the first seven years of my life. I’M A DUTCH GIRL J


I is for Idol

The idol in my life is my Mother. She is an AMAZING woman. Cooks, cleans, dives, works (and gives the BEST holiday gifts EVER) all in a day. I admire her strength and many other qualities. I LOVE YOU MOM!


J is for Job

My first actual “job” where I got a pay check was at some tennis courts in Palm Beach. I taught little rich kids how to play (SO EASY!) and I got paid $26 an hour, not bad for a first job huh… J


K is for Kook

Nobody will understand what this means, but it is a name that my cousin and I have for each other ever since we were young…don’t even know where it came from…its weird, but the Mansour family understands!


L is for Lucky

I have a lucky rosary that I have either on or in my tennis bag.



M is for Mansue

The nick name I am called on the courts…Thanks to Oliver Foreman


N is for Newspaper

This was is a picture in the newspaper of my dad and me when I was 6 years old at the beach.


O is for Organic

All the food we have at home is organic. There is nothing in my kitchen at home that is not organic. HEALTHY FAMILY!


P is for Pink

I love the color Pink!


Q is for Quiet

I am little shy for those of you who don’t know me, I don’t open up to many people and I am just not the one to be the center of attention.


R is for Reminder

I always need post-its around reminding me of things, because I forget A LOT!


S is for Stubborn

A personality trait that often gets me in trouble L


T is for Traveling

I have traveled all my life all over the world; I have been to tons of places from the United States to Europe and then Asia. It has always been a part of my life and I have come to enjoy a lot of it.


U is for Unique

I am one of a kind let me tell you…haha


V is for Visual

It is best for me to learn something by someone visually teaching me.


W is for Win

When I was 16, I played the Florida Bush Open National Championships 18&U division. My partner and I won the doubles and it was one of my biggest wins.


X is for X-mas or Christmas

One of my favorite holidays of the year.


Y is for Yara

My favorite cousin! She lives in Nazareth…This is us at the beach when she came to visit last summer. LOVE HER!


Z is for ZzZzZzZz

All I can say to this is I LOVE TO SLEEP!!! Just can’t ever get enough.


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