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From A to Z With Women’s Tennis Junior Whitney Eber

March 29, 2006

A-bercrombie– I used to work at Abercrombie and Fitch a few years ago just to get a discount on the clothes.

B-ird– my nickname my family gave me when I was really young.  I wouldn’t eat at the table; I walked around for everyone to drop food in my mouth like a little bird.


C-heerleader– I used to be a cheerleader before college, and got third in the nation in high school.


D-eaf– I love talking to Deaf people in sign language as much as I can


E-arly Bird– I never liked waking up early, but in my family, if you sleep in “you’re missing out on the whole day.” We were woken up no later that 9:30 on our Saturdays and Sundays.  So naturally, I got used to waking up early.





F-amily of Four– I love being with my family of Four.  I couldn’t live without them, and they are the main reason I transferred back to FL this year.


G-ulf of Mexico the gulf is my home.  I would choose it over any ocean.  The calm water with no waves is GREAT in my mind!


H-andspring– back handspring, front handspring, any kind of tumbling is what you would see me doing on my free time.  Cheerleading was the main reason, but I always liked flipping around.


I-ndepth– for any story I have to tell, you will get a thorough, indepth version of it without a doubt.  There is no such thing as a “short story” with me.


J-ellyfish– I have been stung by a jellyfish at least 6 times in one day, probably within 30 minutes, at my favorite place, Key Waiden (see K)


K-ey Waiden– my favorite place ever; an island I take my boat to almost every day that I’m home in Naples


L-augh- my laugh seems to be something that a lot of the girls enjoy.  Whenever they laugh about, I can’t seem to stop.  I guess it’s “unique”


M-ailbox– a month after I got by license I ran into a mailbox.  ( I swear it must have jumped out of nowhere!)







N-ational champs– My sister and I have both won the National Clay Court Father-Daughter Tournament in high school. 


O-strich– nickname all my friends from home call me due to a noise I make when playing volleyball mostly, and sometimes tennis


P-owder Puff– my favorite thing in high school.  The girls play football and the boys cheerlead.  Your team was organized by grade, and my class was the BEST!!!    




Q-uestion mark– When I got my x-rays back of my back, the only thing I told people when they asked was that I was crooked like a question mark.


R-omance– My team would probably say it’s “complicated”, or “ridiculous.”  I tend to always go to them when something comes up.


S-ister– I have the best sister that I couldn’t live without.  I do everything with her when I’m home and can’t wait to live in the same town as her again.


T-eeth– I have had a few problems with my teeth in my time.  My two front teeth are fake.  I chipped the first one when a restaurant door was thrown open and the brass handle hit me in my face since I was that “perfect” height.  I pretty much knocked both the front teeth out when I was playing tennis in Hawaii.  I swung when I was off balance and knocked myself in the face. 


U-tah– I was born in Salt Lake and then went back to Utah for my first 2 years of college and played tennis.


V-ocal– I might be one of the most vocal ones on the team.  Yelling GO NOLES! Just comes out a lot.  It might be the cheerleader dieing to come out whenever possible.


W-eebs/Wubul– the nicknames that the team has given me.  Mostly Weebs, but Foley likes Wubul.


X-oXo– I sign most things xoxo, and I have tons of love for all my family and friends.


Y-earbook– in high school I was on the yearbook committee, and of course did the sports section each time.


Z-oom– Most the time I feel as if my days zoom by.  (Especially our days off from practice and matches) There’s just so much to do in so little time I guess. 

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