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From Small Town To Big Time…

Oct. 10, 2002

From a small town to a big school, the Seminole’s sophomore middle-hitter, Ashley Meyer, is settling in just fine. Coming to Tallahassee last year from Louisiana, Ashley calls her hometown of Luling, “really small and really country.” No matter how small or how country her hometown may be, she has adjusted well to Florida living. When asked how she likes it at FSU, there was nothing but positive things to say.

“I love FSU,” said Meyer. “The weather is great, the friends are great, the living is great and playing volleyball is great. Basically I love being here and I am definitely glad I came here and didn’t make any other decisions.”

Awarded both volleyball and academic scholarships, Meyer was a member of the National Honor Society and her graduating class’ salutatorian at John Curtis Christian School. Majoring in biology, she hopes to become a pulmonary specialist focusing on pediatrics. Meyer obviously knows how to work hard and it will surely show this season on and off the court.

After being red-shirted her freshman year, Ashley is excited to see action in the coming months. She will work hard to earn playing time this season, as senior Dawn Hough and sophomore Aisha Carr are also competing at the middle hitter position.

“When you’re red-shirted, you know you’re not going to be playing,” explained Meyer. “You know you have to just watch all the games. Now I have the whole thrill of playing and the excitement of getting into the game and being able to contribute.”

Ashley was selected as the Times Picayune Player of the Week during both her junior and senior years and played in the all-state all-star volleyball game her senior year, in addition to playing basketball in high school. She chose the volleyball net over the basketball court because she has a passion for the game.

“I love it,” said Meyer. “It [volleyball] is fun and I get fulfillment out of it. I feel like I can work hard to achieve a goal and that it is a reachable goal.”

Not only is it Meyer’s first season on the court for Florida State, but it is also Coach Todd Kress’ first season as the head coach. Kress has been acknowledged as one of the most talented young coaches in nation and will certainly be a positive impact on the Seminoles.

“He teaches us and cares a lot about our development as players and as people,” said Meyer. “That’s really going to contribute a lot, even in the workplace. We’re not just going to be passive, we’re going to be aggressive in all that we do.”

College volleyball is more involved than it is at the high school level. Ashley admits that the transition was a bit tough. She was fresh out of high school when she joined the team and came in knowing very little about what it meant to play for a team such as Florida State. So far for the sophomore, the time spent as a member of the Seminole volleyball team has been very positive.

“In college you work a lot more and spend a lot more time actually playing volleyball,” explained Meyer. “Including a lot more time developing and being around your teammates bonding. It’s like a whole different experience [from high school], it’s wonderful.”

On the lighter side, Ashley is a remarkable person and a delight to be around. Her fun personality brings out the best in her and those around her. Her favorite color is sky blue and she loves watching cartoons on the Disney Channel when she’s back home. Out of Eden can be found in her CD player and one of her favorite things in the world is her Siberian Husky-mix puppy, Sampson.

She also has a large support system back home that is headed up by her mom and dad and her two brothers; one older and one younger.

“I want to say thanks to my mom and dad for always supporting me,” said Meyer. “They are my support system back home and I love them all.”

For a girl who is in class at eight o’clock in the morning four days a week, whose toughest class this semester will be her Chemistry II lab, she is very optimistic as she enters a new season.

Although she can find gators and a swamp in her backyard in Louisiana, Meyer seems to fit right in as a Seminole at Florida State.

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