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From The Locker Room: Emma Dutton

Oct. 31, 2002

Junior swimmer Emma Dutton has gotten off to a fast and successful start to the 2002-03 season. Dutton, a native of Bradford, England, represented the Lady Seminoles in three events last season at the NCAA Championships and will look to repeat the feat this year. She took time out from practice to chat on deck with FSU sports information’s Katy Baker about her future goals, living in America and the lighter side of life.

Emma Dutton Q&A

How did going to the NCAA Championships last year prepare you for this season?
“I think that it makes you mentally tougher to race against the best in the country. I don’t think that could ever be a bad thing. It just made me want to get out there and race fast to get back to that place again this year.”

Do you have any immediate goals for yourself and the team?
“Qualify for NCAA’s again and I think our team is very capable of winning our conference this year.”

Any future goals for yourself?
“I want to keep swimming when I’m done at Florida State. I’d like to see if I could make a national team.”

How has it been living so far from home?
“It’s kind of hard at times when it gets tough and you’re home sick and you just want a cuddle from your mum. You call and they’re not home, things like that. But I’ve got friends and teammates and coaches and that’s important.”

Is living in the U.S. very different from living in England?
“The weather, that’s the main thing. There are so many differences that you can’t really compare them.”

What has been your most embarrassing moment at Florida State?
“I fell on my butt at NCAA’s, that was kind of embarrassing.”


The Coyote or the Road Runner?
“The Road Runner.”

Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck?

Gold or silver?

Blue or green?

Pretzels, with or without salt?
“With salt.”

Take an airplane or the bus?

In the car, do you go windows down or the A/C?

During your off-days, do you prefer going to a club or out to the movies?
“A club.”

Steak or chicken for dinner?

Seriously, *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys?
“Eh, *NSYNC.”


Favorite singer/group
“I like Ja Rule, but I really don’t have one favorite”

Favorite food/meal
“Pasta, my mom’s lasagna in particular.”

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Actor
“Ben Affleck.”

Name three people (past or present) you would like to meet:
“Ben Affleck, George Bush would be cool, and The Queen.”

Current or childhood nickname
“Dutz, cause my last name, Emmy Lou, Em, variations of my name.”

If you couldn’t swim, would you compete in a different sport?
“Yes, but I’m not sure which one.”

Favorite hobby
“I like reading and singing, but I’m not very good at that though.”

Favorite superhero:
“Batman is pretty cool.”

Name/type of your pet(s):
“I have a kitten! I just got him, his name is Arnie, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Favorite moment at FSU:
“The ACC relay where we beat Clemson by a tiny little amount.”

Most memorable sports moment:
“Winning Nationals.”

Person you most admire:
“My best friend, James.”

If your life was a movie, who would play you?
“Someone really, really pretty like Jennifer Aniston or J-Lo.”

If you were an animal, what would you be?
“A kitten.”

How many tattoos do you have?

Do you plan on getting any more?
“Not unless I make it to the Olympics, then I’ll get the rings.”

So do you have any good Spice Girl jokes?
“Sure. What do you call 4 dogs and a black bird? The Spice Girls!”

Honestly, did you ever want to be a Spice Girl?

Catch Emma and the rest of the FSU swimming and diving team in action on Sat., Nov. 2, when the Tribe hosts its first home meet of the season against Georgia Tech. Action begins at 2 p.m. and will take place at the Bim Stults Pool.

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