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From The Locker Room With Women’s Basketball’s Katelyn Vujas
Women’s Basketball’s Katelyn Vujas and the Seminoles have been working hard this preseason in preparation for the 2002-03 basketball season. Sports Information sat down with Vujas, one of three seniors on this year’s team, for Thursday’s From The Locker Room.

Oct. 10, 2002

What’s the most important item in your locker right now?
I have my bottle of Aussie hair spray because I have to have one everywhere … it’s very vital. I don’t have any pictures up yet, but I have a few I am going to bring in.

How has the preseason gone this year?
It’s gone really well. For me personally, I think I’ve done a good job and have improved on almost all of my testing and gotten stronger. As a team, it’s just been great. We’ve worked so hard and have been communicating really well. We’re really coming together.

So is the attitude different this year?
A lot different. People want to work hard. We don’t have to encourage each other to keep working hard; everyone is just getting out there and doing the best that they can. It’s a lot easier to accomplish things when you don’t have to coach people and pull people to work hard, because they’re already doing it.

What’s the one thing about you or your game that you feel you’ve improved on since last season?
My strength and my defensive stance. My legs are much stronger than they’ve been as well as my upper body.

With practice starting, are you concerned about balancing everything?
Being a senior, I am so used to it. I have already taken my days and broken them down in time segments so I know that I have to concentrate on basketball from 1:00 to 6:00 every day. I am taking just 12 hours this semester, so I have a little extra time to get other stuff done.

What’s your favorite part of the new basketball training center?
Probably the locker room. Having this huge “home” and being able to spread out and not be all cramped in one little space is really great. And the court, it’s just awesome.

Does having this new facility help the attitude of the program?
I think so. It kind of shows us what we have to live up to. We’ve gotten this multi-million dollar facility and are bringing in great athletes who want to work hard. We want to show this school that basketball is a big thing here and we have to go out and prove that.

What are some words you live by?
“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

What are you looking forward to most this season?
Going home to my hometown and playing in front of my family and friends.

Pick the one you like best…

mashed potatoes or baked potatoes

night in or night out — “Definitely.”

steak or chicken

ice cream or chips and dip — “That’s a hard one.”

home game or road game

white uniform or garnet uniform — “It makes you look tanner.”

country music or rap music — “That’s awful. I don’t know … neither.”

manicure or pedicure

long hair or short hair

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