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FSU 2001 Signees Announced

Feb. 7, 2001

2001 Signees | FSU Regains Recruiting Supremacy

Florida State Signing Day Press Conference

Transcript of Bobby Bowden:

I guess John Lilly will be up here to elaborate on this recruiting class. I think our assistant coaches did a great job. Of course John headed everything up and he did a great job. And it looks like another good recruiting class at Florida State. If there’s bee any reason that we’ve been successful all through the years is because is cause we’re getting good players. And so this looks like no exception to that. But it’s a good group, I think we’ve got 27 committed and two of them are already in school that will count back. Possibly others are still out there that will want to come to Florida State and might not. It worked out real good. Probably as thorough as group as we’ve signed around here. I guess that’s all about I’ve got to say, I’ll be sitting right over there if you want to talk to me.

Q: Coach was there any big surprises today?

A: Any big surprises? There was to me but I won’t comment yeah, there was at least one that signed that I didn’t think he was. It usually works that way, you lose someone you didn’t expect and you get someone you didn’t expect. It usually works that way.

Q: Are you surprised you signed three quarterbacks in one class and when was the last time you signed that many?

A: Well it’s been along time, that was one of our big needs. We of course had planned, we usually sign one QB a year, so this year losing the 1st and 2nd team QB and having 2 coming back so we thought we still needed 2. But when Jared left, we decided we better sign 3. That should work out pretty good, the QB is pretty interesting. You got one that’s tied up with baseball, you got one that’s tied up with basketball, and they don’t conflict but they might win mighty dog gone good. While this one is doing that one, that one is doing this one. Then you got one that is pure QB. Don’t be surprised if this one don’t do better than you think. Those other ones are the ones that got all the pub but that other one is pretty dog gone good. I had him in my camp with my sons and he was also in that camp here. But anyway I don’t want to know if we signed one QB.

Q: How good of a chance do you think you can keep Mauer?

A: the thing that encouraged me talking to him and and and in comparison to chris, chris let us know he said “look if I get drafted so high I’m going to play baseball” we knew that and I get the feeling talking to Joe Mauer that if he get’s drafted he still wants to play football if he can. Now I would think that would offset it would be to get drafted so high that the baseball won’t let him, won’t let him play football. Now I do think he is more open minded on that then I did chris, and with that I mean this is a guy that might want to play college football and college baseball. Or might want to play college football and baseball in the summer. That way than rather not play college football, so uh but we couldn’t chance that and that’s why we needed to have another one.

Q: this is the second straight year you signed a big back, Greg Jones last year, this year it’s eric Shelton, is that on purpose?

A: We’re trying to bring in all the best running backs, the best running backs, you know, of course you would like to have the best big one if you can get him, so I thought it worked out real good that he does compliment us with some of the things that we would like to do this year offensively but yeah I wouldn’t like to loose that little scat back either.

Interview with Coach John Lilly

As far as numbers just to give some things to mull we had about 60% of class out of the state of Florida 15 of the 25 that signed today and I think we have a little more offense heavy in this group, 15 offense, 9 defense and one kicker. about half of that offense is offensive line so we’re going to have some big guys up front and when I hit on some of those things I’ll mention that a couple of guys from the class coach Bowden already said that we had 27, 2 of which count back you got Milford brown, offensive lineman, and Ray Pickune, linebacker, and they are both already in school. I hope you can all visit with him when we are finished here, your going to enjoy getting to know both of those guys. In general it’s tremendous quantity, it’s a big class that we hope is not through yet and its tremendous quality as well, which is what you want. I mean that in terms of athletic ability and in academic ability and their character and all those factors that go into evaluating a player. It has a chance, this group has a chance to be as good as it’s ever been and that’s saying a lot when you think about the group that just left here and finished up here in the Orange bowl this year.

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