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Oct. 25, 2008

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Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

(Opening statement)

“As I said earlier, to be successful, you have to win the close games. We haven’t the last two or three years. We had one close win, we might win one over six. This year we’ve won the close games. Now can we keep it up? I don’t know but that’s your key. We’re just good enough to get ahead of you looks like. This game seems like no different from the one last week or the one the week before that where you’re behind at the half and come back and win. I’m sure it hurt them when they lost the quarterback. We worked so hard on that No. 5 because he is something special. Beating us last year personally and so we were really concerned how we re going to repay him. Then all of a sudden he’s gone, now your game plan changes. Here comes another guy you wasn’t expecting. He was doing a good job, he was whipping us and he gets hurt. That was really a disadvantage for them. But anyway we were able to hang on and just threw enough points up there to win the dadgum ball game. We feel very fortunate.”


(On Florida State controlling their own destiny for the ACC Championship game)

“When we lost to Wake Forest, it looked like there was no chance to win our division because if they happened to lose a game, which we didn’t think they would, then the fact they beat us head to head, they would be the champion. But all of a sudden they lost one, all of a sudden they lost another. So that put us back in where if we could win out, we could win our division. But every game gets tougher, every game gets tougher.”


(On the running game)

“We’ve never been that consistent running the ball as we are right now and yet, I sit there wondering how in the world are we doing it. That was the same offensive line that made that drive that fainted at the first of the game when they over there in the eyes of those other guys and scared them. I was thinking, `My goodness, now we’re going back playing like freshman. We’re going back playing like we thought we would do anyways. Then in the second half, then we begun to gain confidence for the rest. And that is typical of young guys. What happened didn’t surprise me, but we were wild eyes at first, I’m gonna tell you, offense on front.”


QB Christian Ponder:

(on the second half performance)

“We’ve been blessed with the plays we’ve been able to make.  When it comes down to crunch time we’ve been able to pull it out.  But we need to fix some things where it doesn’t come down to that and correct the first half.  We’ve been coming out a little slow and not executing as well and we need to fix that.”


(on WR Taiwan Easterling)

“He’s just a great guy.  He’s a guy that works hard all the time and does what he’s supposed to do.  Luckily he made a great catch and his brother was there to watch that.  That’s an awesome story… He made a heck of a catch.  He’s so dependable and does everything he’s asked of.  It was a heck of a catch, a heck of a play and it put points on the board.”


(on the team controlling its own destiny)

“Luckily Wake Forest lost.  It helps us out a lot and we’ve got to go one week at a time now and move on to the next opponent, focus and win out.”


WR Greg Carr:

(on making some big plays)

“It felt good.  Whenever you go out there, you want to make plays.  When you get the opportunity you know that you have to go out there and make the best of it because with the talent we have on offense, your opportunities are going to be limited at times so you just have to go out there and make plays and that’s what I tried to do.”


(on making plays against Victor Harris)

“It means a lot because it helped my team win the ball game.  All the respect goes out to him because he’s one of the top DB’s in the nation.  You know that when you play against a guy like that, even when we were watching him on film, he’s going to come out there intense and ready to play football so you just got to match that intensity and play football like you’re capable of playing football.”


PK/P Graham Gano:

(on punting today)

“It felt good.  I was a little nervous at first going out there since I haven’t done it in so long but it definitely felt good to get out there and punt because you know I love punting.


(on breaking Bill Capece’s record of 12 consecutive field goals)

“When I used to come to camps here he was the one that helped me out kicking field goals.  He helped me out a whole lot when I was in these camps because I had trouble being consistent with field goals.”


(on Virginia Tech’s pressure in kicking situations)

“They always do a good job of blocking kicks.  They blocked a ton of field goals and extra points this year.  We watched a lot of that on film so we knew we had to get it off fast and get it up high… Guys did a good job blocking… Overall everyone did really good.”


DE Everette Brown


Brown’s feelings on the game:

“It hasn’t quite set in.  I feel like there was a lot of adrenaline out there.  It was a great victory tonight, glad to come out victorious.  Just looking back on the game what I can think of right now is our d-line did a great job tonight closing in the pocket and creating pressure that allowed me more one-on-one blocks.  I was able to take advantage of the opportunity and create havoc all night which is what I’m supposed to do as a defensive end.”


On his one-on-one blocks this evening:

“That was the most one-on-one blocking I’ve faced all year and Virginia Tech did a lot of things to try to prevent it without double-teaming me so they could use all their guys on offense. 


“I played three quarterbacks and that was tough adjusting to them because you didn’t game plan for three different quarterbacks.  But we were able to stay together and be victorious.”


On facing three quarterbacks:


“With [Sean] Glennon coming in we knew he was an experienced guy, he was more of a pocket passer.  So we were able to get more pressure on him and we could blitz more…and after Glennon went down, Cory Holt who we haven’t seen on film, we had to watch out for trick plays and reverse.  We just did a great job executing on defense and staying with our game plan.”



LB Toddrick Verdell


On his tackle which took Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor out on the first play of the game:


“Basically he’s the majority of the offense so everything revolves around him.  I just came out and saw him doing a bootleg play so I saw him rollout and I just took him.”


On if he knew something was wrong with Tyrod Taylor after the tackle:


“I actually didn’t know, I was celebrating with the team.  I really didn’t know there was anything wrong with him until after.”


On if the defense knew they had to keep the offense in this game:


“It just balances itself out.  When they started off sluggish we just tried to do the same thing.  But it was a big team win for us.”


Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews


“It was unfortunate for [Virginia Tech] that they got their number one quarterback hurt in the first play of the game.   We had some things planned for them that we were going to try to do.  One of them wasn’t to get him hurt.  When it turned out it was unfortunate for them but it was good for us.”


“[Tyrod Taylor] creates a lot or pressure for you on defense. We had a little trouble with [Sean] Glennon there when he came in.  He threw the ball around and we didn’t rush as well as we need to, we didn’t cover as well as we need to.”


“We started good.  In the first three series we were three and out.  Then they out-executed us and out-toughed us, out-played us.  They go and get the score right before the half.  The key thing we keep telling our guys is you can’t let people get in the end zone when you get down there, when you get in the red zone.  They kicked a couple of field goals and we didn’t get the field goal block.”


Virginia Tech Head Coach

Frank Beamer


“I thought our players hung in there and battled.  Disappointing that we roughed that kicker.  I wanted to go after him one more time.  We tried early and felt like we kind of had him.  We had a couple of returns on him but I really thought we could get the kick and I think we had a shot.  A freshman guy just didn’t bend hard enough.  I thought that was a big play.  We kind of had them in a long yardage situation and I thought if we get it we would probably win the ball game, too.  It was one of those plays.  You block it and I think we win the ball game.  And I thought we could block it. 


“Give Florida State credit.  They are an explosive team.  (Christian) Ponder is doing a great job for them.  That Carr kid just went up and made a couple of catches over us.  Tall and fast helps when you are downfield like that.” 


On the play of Cory Holt

“He came in there.  He had been working as a wide receiver all week.  It’s a credit to him that he came in and made a couple of plays, battled, picked up a nice first down, made a nice throw, did a nice job.” 


On only being up three points at halftime

“I thought we battled.  Our football team I think battled.  That’s what I started out asking them was to play hard.  32 of our 66 coming here were either freshman or sophomores.  The best thing about them is that they are going to be sophomores and juniors.  I asked them to battle hard and I thought they did that.  We just didn’t quite get it done.”


On the last time he had two quarterbacks knocked out in the same game

“I don’t think ever.  I can’t remember.” 


Notes from the Virginia Tech Head Trainer Mike Goforth

“Tyrod Taylor sprained his left ankle.  The same one he hurt before and injured a little bit at Nebraska.  We really won’t know the severity of it until tomorrow. I don’t think it’s severe but it is something that will have a little bit of time loss.  He usually rebounds pretty quickly from that.”


“(Sean) Glennon was a left fibula; we suspected a fracture but the initial x-rays were negative.  We will probably re x-ray him back home but he was able to put weight on it near the end of the game.  I expect he will be back.”

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