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FSU 39 Colorado 21 — Post Game Quotes

Sept. 27, 2008

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Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

(opening statement)

“Feel very fortunate to win that football game. I thought the way we won was very significant in the fact that we actually ran the ball. And our kicking game really played and got the momentum in our favor. It was probably a game of momentum.. I mean momentum is important. It’s better to have it then the other team to have it as you can tell.”


(on Antone Smith)

“Antone Smith! Very good! He’s a senior and you know we’ve trying to count on him ever since he’s been here. But really we hadn’t put the emphasis on him until we needed him to put on it. So today our coaches obviously wanted to go out and try to run that doggone ball and to set up the passing. And when you’re successful at running the ball you usually get a high percentage of conversion.”


(On why the running game went well today)

“It got a lot better today because of the output of the offensive line. That’s something you don’t see in Bobby Bowden football. I got to hand all that credit to Trickett, our offensive line coach, James Coley who coaches our tight ends and Dexter Carter coaches fullbacks. No doubt they did the blocking.”


(on when they will prepare about Miami)

“All about as soon as we get home, our coaches, what they’ll do, they’ll come in early in the morning probably and look at that film of this game and then they’ll go to church and come back and show that film to the players and then they’ll get rid of that thing and get immediately on the University of Miami. By tomorrow night we’ll be working on Miami.”


(On how the team reacts to a bad loss)

“You know one thing happens when you get beat like we did last week, you don’t have any trouble getting their attention the next week cause you’re mad, you’re mad, they know you’re mad.”




QB Christian Ponder:

On Getting The Running Game Going Early In The Game …

“I think that we did. It is something that we worked on all week, and it is something that we definitely needed to bring back. It was something that we had to establish early and it opened up everything else. The linemen did good to open up those holes and Antone really ran well.”


On The Ability To Use An Entire Playbook With An Effective Running Game …

“It’s good. There is a lot of skill on this offense, but the biggest thing was being able to open up the running game. It definitely helped me and it took a lot of pressure of me. It really helps our offense when we are able to open up our playbook.”


On His Ability To Make Effective Decisions Against Colorado …

“In the second half I think I managed the game pretty well. I was able to take some checkdowns and everything. In the first half I don’t think that I did so well. That is something that I still have to work on; to be able to take what the defense gives us and be able to manage the game a little better.”



RB Antone Smith:

On The Growing Confidence Of The Seminole Ground Attack …

“It feels good. I think this gives everybody on our team as well as the coaches the confidence that we are able to run the ball each and every game. There isn’t any pressure to be one-dimensional. Overall I thought that we did a great job, but we still have room to grow and there are still things that we can work on.”


On Taking Advantage Of Getting So Many Carries In The Game …

“I just do what I can do to help the team. When I go into the game and my number is called, I go out and run the ball as hard as I can.”


On His 60-yard Touchdown Run In The Second Quarter …

“I got real personal last year about getting ran down from behind by the defense. I gave everything that I had on that run and dug down deep to get into the end zone and not let anyone catch me from behind.”



OL Rodney Hudson:

On The Gameplan To Run The Ball At Colorado …

“We had planned all week to really head right out in this game and run the ball. Our coaches told us all week that we were going to power the ball and we had to be prepared to aggressively run block the entire game. It felt good to be able to go out and execute our game plan.”


On Florida State’s Final Scoring Drive Of The Game …

“The fourth quarter felt really good, especially our final scoring drive. With the clock winding down, all we really needed was two first downs, but it felt good to wrap the game up and go ahead and punch the ball in the end zone on the ground.”


Florida State Defense Quotes


DB Patrick Robinson

On playing well after all of the negativity last week

“I think that it gives us a boost as far as confidence and as far as making plays.  I think that we have to move on and take this win and try to get another one next week.”


On how it felt to get out there and play

“It felt really good until I got hurt.  Until then I was playing hard and doing what I was supposed to do except I got beat on that touchdown, but other than that I was doing everything that I was supposed to do.”


On the returning players impact

“Before we came back our defense was pretty emotional and with the couple of players that came back it was even more so.”


DE Neefy Moffett

On getting back on the field

“It felt good just to be out here with my teammates, out here playing hard and finally my hard work is paying off.”


On the first play of the game

“We’ve got the best end in the country in Everette Brown and he told me what the take-off was and I just listened to him and I got a sack.”


On the impact of the returning players

“We just took less off of the guy’s legs so they can stay fresh.  We were all heavily recruited and are pretty good athletes but if you have to play 50 snaps that takes a little bit from you.  With everybody coming in and everybody fresh that means everyone gets less snaps.”


Safety Jamie Robinson

On getting FSU’s first interception on the season

“It felt pretty good.  I just thank the Lord for blessing me with the opportunity to get the pick.  That’s something Mickey [Andrews] has been talking about a lot especially since we didn’t have any.  There was a little bit of pressure on us, but the opportunity presented itself.”


On getting the suspended players back

“It was huge because the guys that were gone were are playmakers, so having our playmakers back out there on the field was positive for everybody.”


On what Mickey Andrews will say to the defense

“He’s probably going to say that we gave up too many touchdowns.  He’s not always too positive, he’ll touch on the positives, but he always wants more which is a good thing because it makes us better as individuals and as a unit.”


University of Colorado Head Coach
Don Hawkins

“That little exchange there at the end of the first half caused some problems.  I thought early on we missed some throws and missed some opportunities to get some stuff going.  Any time you kind of hang around, hang around, hang around you leave yourself vulnerable to some of those explosion plays.  Clearly, you’ve got the long run, you’ve got a little cycle there where you drop the ball, a blocked punt, a field goal – that whole exchange right in there.  That being said I don’t think I guys were that daunted by it; it obviously knocks you back a bit.  But it was close to halftime and I thought our guys put it behind them but that was definitely a spurt right there, a lot of points and a lot of momentum.” 

How did Cody Hawkins play today?
“He had a tough day, a tough day.  Missed a lot of throws in the first half.  Had some wide open guys and he didn’t hit them.  He had a tough day no question about it.” 

How did your special teams play?
“They struggled.” 

Can you compare this year’s Florida State team to last year’s Florida State team.”
“I have always said and I know people have kind of gotten on them a little bit – they still are very well coached, they’ve got great players and they’ve got great speed and they’ve got great athletes.  You can make very few mistakes and survive them.  That was evident in the long run today where he pretty much went to every gap on the field and found the one that was open and took it to the house.  I still think they are a great football team with a lot of great players and are very well coached.” 




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