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FSU Earns Three National Finalists

Dec. 22, 2013

AUSTIN, Texas –The 2013 USA Winter Diving Nationals came to a close on Sunday with three Florida State divers capturing podium honors. The six-day meet was held at the Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center on the campus of the University of Texas.

“I was happy with our meet,” head diving coach Patrick Jeffrey said. “I thought we competed solid throughout the week, which resulted in three of our kids performing well in finals.  We’ll take a little break for the holiday and we’ll be ready and refreshed for 2012.”

In the final rounds of competition on Sunday, senior Kelsey Goodman concluded her meet with a fifth place finish in 3-meter diving with a score of 827.75 while freshman Dominic Giordano placed ninth on platform with a total of 1069.75.

Redshirt junior Katrina Young took fourth place in her specialty – the platform. On Saturday, Young closed out her meet with a total of 893.95.

Goodman held her fifth place throughout finals from the semifinal round (545.00), while Giordano fell from seventh in semi’s (711.65).

Young tallied 603.50 following her semifinal round, good enough for third place.

Goodman also competed in the 1-meter quarterfinals  to start the meet  on Tuesday and placed 17th with a score of 231.80. Senior Tom Neubacher was less than a point out of the final field, as he took ninth in 1-meter with a score of 329.05.

The nationally-ranked Seminoles will be seen together in action on Jan. 4, 2014 in Gainesville, Fla. for a duel meet against Florida.  For more information on FSU Swimming and Diving, check Facebook and Twitter.

Women’s 3-meter

1. Maren Taylor, The University of Texas, 923.90;2. Casey Matthews, Purdue University, 907.75;3. Emma Ivory-Ganja, The University of Texas, 882.30;4. Laura Ryan, Unattached, 879.80;5. Kelsey Goodman, Florida State University Diving Team, 827.75;6. Amanda Burke, Unattached, 824.20;7. Thea Vock, University of Miami, 817.45;8. Kara Mccormack, University of Miami, 808.95;9. Cassie Weil, Unattached, 803.30;10. Michelle Cabassol, Purdue University, 799.35;11. Kelli Stockton, H2okie Aquatics, 778.45;12. Tarrin Gilliland, Longhorn Aquatics, 766.70


Men’s 10-meter

1. Steele Johnson, Boiler Diving Academy, 1469.70;2. David Dinsmore, Ohio State Diving Club, 1240.60;3. Toby Stanley, Unattached, 1236.60;4. Zachary Cooper, Unattached, 1224.00;5. Tanner Wilfong, University of Miami, 1223.55;6. Sean Mokhtari, Purdue University, 1160.50;7. Rafael Quintero, Unattached, 1108.00;8. Mark Anderson, The University of Texas, 1079.60;9. Dominic Giordano, Florida State University Diving Team, 1069.75;10. Ford McLiney, Unattached, 1035.75;11. Christopher Law, Unattached, 1010.00;12. Ryan Hawkins, H2okie Aquatics, 980.55


Women’s 10-meter

1. Samantha Bromberg, The University of Texas, 1015.50;2. Anna James, City of Midland, 984.90;3. Jessica Parratto, Indiana University, 967.90;4. Katrina Young, Florida State University Diving Team, 893.95;5. Delaney Schnell, Tucson Diving Team, 885.50;6. Mackenzie Tweardy, Purdue University, 867.75;7. Kara Mccormack, University of Miami, 834.65;8. Eszter Pryor, Ohio State Diving Club, 817.50;9. Rachel Rubadue, Ohio State Diving Club, 808.50;10. Emma Villarreal, Unattached, 802.05;11. Olivia Rosendahl, Trojan Dive Club, 789.95;12. Cheyenne Cousineau, University of Miami, 721.50

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