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FSU Football Continues To Prepare For Saturday’s Game With Clemson

Nov. 5, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The Atlantic Coast Conference couldn’t be more wide open heading into the home stretch and the only thing we know for sure is anybody can beat anyone else in this conference. That means with three conference games remaining, the battle to get to Tampa Bay is as contentious as ever. With that backdrop, the 24th-ranked Seminole football team continued its preparations for Clemson with a 22-period practice Wednesday.



·          Most of practice was spent with both the offense and defense working versus scout teams.

·          Pass rush was dominated by the offensive line on Wednesday. The only bright spots on the defensive side were Kevin McNeil’s four wins and a win for Kendrick Stewart. On the other line, everybody in a Garnet jersey got a win. The only player with multiple victories was Andrew Datko who recorded two.

·          In 7-on-7 Christian Ponder hit Preston Parker twice and Taiwan Easterling once. Drew Weatherford had two completions to Avis Commack and Bert Reed and he also hit Louis Givens.

·          The defense got its revenge in 11-on-11. Everette Brown recorded two sacks and Markus White had a QB pressure. Weatherford hit Commack and Cameron Wade twice, one of which was on a deep route.

·          Practice finished with the 1:00 drill and White almost literally finished the drill on the first play. The end not only sacked Ponder but managed to knock the ball out of his hands as well. Parker bailed the offense out on the next play with a huge run after the catch and then Ponder finished the day by hitting Corey Surrency for a TD.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

 “I thought we had a pretty good practice, we’re showing a lot of spirit and hustle this week.  We’re doing the right things and it’s a matter of knowing your assignments and we’re still missing too many assignments, but maybe we can finish them up tomorrow with some pretty good practices.”


On C.J. Spiller

“I’ll tell you he is something else.  He’s just got that great speed and if you misjudge him at all he’ll run right by you for a touchdown, he can fly.”


On recruiting Spiller

“We thought we were in good shape.  Florida and us were shocked when he went to Clemson, but they did a good job of recruiting him, but I thought it would be Florida.”


On whether the best weapon against Spiller on kickoffs is Graham Gano:

“You can sleep a lot better if you knew you could get that ball out of the end zone, that’s one way to stop them.”


OL Rodney Hudson

On his development since playing in his first ever game versus Clemson in 2007:

“I’ve come a long ways.  I’ve played a lot more football since then and learned a lot.”


On the atmosphere against Clemson

 “It’s going to be a big game just like every ACC game.  You go out and work hard all week and go out and play the big one on Saturday.”


On the offensive line getting stronger in the fourth quarter

“We take pride in running the ball period, but I think we’re in good shape and that’s why we run it better in the fourth quarter.  We practice with a lot of intensity and it pays off in the fourth quarter.”


On Clemson’s defensive line

“They’re big and strong in the middle and they have quick ends, they are good players.”


Linebacker Nigel Bradham:

On playing at home this weekend:

“It is going to be great like all the other weeks we have played at home. We always look forward to it. We like the fans being real enthusiastic. We need to gout there and play as hard as we can.”


Challenges the team faces against Clemson:

“They are a great speed team. The quarterback in unbelievable, and they have great running backs and receivers. We have to stay disciplined and know our assignments.”


On playing for Florida State:

“It has been great so far. It is more than what I expected because I didn’t think I would be playing as much as I have. It is a big pleasure right now. I am really looking forward to the rest of this year.”


Defensive End Neefy Moffett:

On what the defense needs to do to be successful:

“We just need to tackle better and play disciplined football.  They are good on offense, but we play against that everyday.”


Advice he gives as a senior:

“Do what you did to get here. You came here by playing hard and disciplined. The difference here is everyone is older. If you mess up, then mess up full speed. Don’t let that stop you and keep on playing.”


On playing at Doak Campbell:

“I love playing here. We have been gone for a while and now we get our home crowd. Just being here to play at home is great. It gives a chance to all my fellow classmates and people from around town to come to the game.”


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