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FSU Football Practice #11

Aug. 17, 2006


• The Seminoles practiced once Thursday (at 9:45 a.m.) for 20 periods in shoulder pads

• Highlights for the offense in 11-on-11 included:

o 47 yard completion from Xavier Lee to Richard Goodman

o Two completions totaling 40 yards (35, 5) from Drew Weatherford to Chris Davis

o 18 rushing yards on two carries from Lorenzo Booker

o Two completions totaling 20 yards (13, 7) from Lee to Preston Parker

o Two 5 yard completions from Weatherford to Brandon Warren

• Highlights for the defense in 11-on-11 included:

o Sacks by Paul Griffin and Lawrence Timmons

o Tackles for loss by Timmons and D.J. Norris

• FSU returns to two-a-day practices Friday morning at 8:30 and then again in the evening at 6:15


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

(Rotating guys on the offensive line last night)

“We did a whole lot of substituting and probably a lot of experimenting. The main thing is that we are trying to get everyone playing where they are going to play. Trying to see who is going to start and who shouldn’t be and things like that. It disrupts their timing when you put another guy in there but you have to do it.”

(Confidence with the first seven on the offensive line)

“I’m as confident as I can be. We still have a long way to go. I think nearly everybody behind them is either a freshman or a sophomore with no playing experience.”

(On Tony Carter)

“I noticed him limping. I didn’t know whether it was an ankle or what. I saw him when he got hit. I hope it is nothing serious.”

(On Jamie Robinson)

“He had a pretty doggone good spring but has missed a couple things. I’m glad to get him back. It might be awhile before he gets going after missing the start of two a days.”

WR Chris Davis

(On making several receptions last night from Drew Weatherford)

“We just are connecting. We had a little groove going. He just hit me at the right spots at the right times.”

(Improvements from last season)

“I think it just comes from the years that I have been here, knowing the system and reading the defense better.”

(Are you and Weatherford on the same page?)

“It is a timing thing. You have to have a clock in your head and know at a certain time the ball is going to be in the air and you have to be ready for it. It is just clicking for us.”

(On Weatherford)

“He is a lot more confident. He is running things a lot more. He knows where to look at the right time.”

(On the receivers)

“The young guys are learning and getting better and the older guys are continuing to get better. We still have room to get better but so far the receivers are doing pretty good right now.”

(Tight ends)

“They are great. Defenses now just can’t key on Greg (Carr), Da’Cody (Fagg) or me across the middle or even the back side of the back field. Now we have an extra weapon. Our tight ends are getting open and running after the catch which makes it a whole lot better.”

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