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FSU Football Returns To Work After Big Win Over Crimson Tide

Oct. 1, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.The Seminole football team is coming off its first win over a ranked opponent in more than a year and its third straight win. The team is on the verge of the top 25 but with conference play resuming Saturday versus NC State, FSU couldn’t afford to lose focus on its next opponent. The Wolfpack have won four of the last six meetings in the series and two of the last three in Doak Campbell Stadium. With that in mind Florida State returned to the practice fields Monday night for a short 10 period practice in helmets and shorts. The team worked on kick-off returns and coverage and spent the rest of practice working versus scout teams.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden
On the morale of the team following the win against Alabama:

“I think there was definitely [excitement].  That game was really good for their confidence and I think it shows.”


On whether he notices when the confidence of the team is up:

“That’s what winning will do to you.  Nothing will do it like winning.”


On how Xavier Lee looked in practice tonight:

“He looked okay.  He’s running first unit.  I think he will [respond mentally] the way we want him to.  I think he’s so much further along than he was last year. I expect him to have a good game.”


On Graham Gano’s successes this season:

“Hasn’t he been good? Woo.  He has really done a good job with his kickoffs and his punts.  Field position means everything because Alabama was backed up most of the first quarter, by the time they got the ball they were down at the end of the field.  Field position is so important.  Gano had to punt a couple of times from down at the 10 or 15 and he got the ball out real good.


“I think [Coach Allen] has been doing a lot more with filming him kicking and things like that.  They’ve been executing real good.  Just have to stay on top of that boy because that’s so important.”


On De’Cody Fagg and Greg Carr’s success in the game on Saturday:

“That was so good.  It was good for De’Cody because you talk about confidence and that should have really picked his confidence way up.  Greg just continues to play like Greg and every game he makes a play.”


Linebacker Derek Nicholson

On what Coach Amato expects form the team:

“You know Coach Amato is a fiery guy.  He expects excellence and he wants you to be not good but great.   He demands a lot out of you in everything, even the little things such as correct footwork or having neat lockers.  He is very meticulous and he expects a lot out of us.”


On Coach Amato’s impact on his unit:

“As long as we keep winning, keep playing well and keep getting better in every game.  That’s the big thing I see as a defense and as a group, we keep getting better and better every game.  As long as we keep getting better and not staying the same we’ll be good to go.”


On Coach Amato expecting more out of him:

“I’m very critical of myself to begin with, I expect a lot out of myself.  Coach Amato is very critical of us too, but it’s not bad criticizing.  He wants us to become the best player we can be.  He criticizes, but we all love playing for him because we know he expects excellence and he wants us to expect excellence from ourselves.  We know that he feels that way and that’s why we got out and play hard, not for ourselves, for our families, for the university or the defensive team but for him.  That’s how he pays attention and knows our hard work pays off.”


Wide Receiver De’Cody Fagg

On the spirits of the team after beating Alabama:

“When we came out on the field today we saw a lot of excitement during practice.  During conditioning, that was the first time we saw everyone make their times ahead of time (in conditioning).”


On how to keep the positive attitude:

“We just have to keep working hard in practice and keep listening to what Coach Dawsey and all our offensive coaches are saying and work with them.  We know what they’re saying is true.  We just have to be behind them 100% and come out here and execute during practice and go out on the field like we did during the second half against Alabama.  We just need to start the game off like that.”


On facing North Carolina State this weekend:

“We can’t go out there still excited over the Alabama win.  That win is over.  NC State beat us the last three times out of four that we played them.  We know even though they’re not having a good season, anytime a team plays Florida State they’re coming out to win.  So we have to come out and attack them first.”


On overcoming some of his personal struggles on the field against Alabama:

“I’m still capable of doing what I have to do to help my team and build up my confidence.  I always had it in me; I just had a little struggle earlier.  The [Alabama] game brought everything up on me and now I just have to start stepping up and become a leader and play a role for the younger guys and the rest of the team.”

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