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FSU Football Spring Top 20 Performance Results Released

July 26, 2001

Jon Jost, FSU’s Director of Strength and Conditioning, released the results of the stength and conditioning index implemented upon his arrival this spring. Jost released the Top 20 overall athletes among FSU’s 2001 football team and only the Top 10 scorers in each of the individual categories.

Sophomore linebacker Michael Boulware scored the highest among all Seminoles tested with a 1460. Senior running back Davy Ford was second on the team with 1449 and offensive tackle Todd Williams finished third at 1375. Walk-on running back Ryan Reynolds, and defensive end Alonzo Jackson round out the Top Five. Returning quarterbacks Anquan Boldin and Chris Rix both finished among the teams top Top 15 athletes. Some members of the team were not tested or had an incomplete test because of injury.

“The method of testing we have implemented is very different than the ones FSU has used in the past so the numbers are not comparable at all,” said Jost who joined the FSU staff in April. “That is not to say that there was anything wrong or inaccurate about the previous testing, but this is a completely different system. I’ve been very pleased with the attitude and effort that the players have already put into the program and the results show that we have some very exceptional athletes.”

The Seminoles were tested in the hang clean, squat and bench press as part of the strength component in the testing. The performance portion was made up of the vertical jump, and 10-yard dash (future tests will also include the pro agility run and 40-yard dash). Scoring ranges from 0 to 1,000 points, with 1,000 points being equal to a predicted world record performance in the event. The Index takes into account the result of each test as well as the athlete’s body weight, which enables every athlete’s abilities to be evaluated equally. The index was developed at the University of Nebraska and evaluated over a ten year period by a team of statistics professors to develop the scoring equation.

Over 90 percent of the 2001 FSU team is in Tallahassee over the second summer school semester including 14 members of the incoming recruiting class.

Top 20 Overall Performance Index
Name                    Points
Michael Boulware        1460
Davy Ford               1449
Todd Williams           1375
Ryan Reynolds           1366
Alonzo Jackson          1364
Eric Powell             1311
Anquan Boldin           1276
Greg Jones              1234
William McCray          1210
Alex Barron             1195
Jerel Hudson            1158
Darnell Dockett         1158
Allen Augustin          1155
Chris Rix               1144
Stanford Samuels        1118
Bryant McFadden         1113
Javon Walker            1111
Nick Maddox             1110
Carver Donaldson        1090
Joey Kaleikini          1071

Top 10 Vertical Jump Davy Ford 42 Ryan Reynolds 40.5 Bryant McFadden 40.5 Anquan Boldin 39 Michael Boulware 38.5 Alonzo Jackson 37 Eric Powell 36.5 Chris Rix 36 Stanford Samuels 36 Nick Maddox 36

Top 10 Vertical POINTS Davy Ford 42 Ryan Reynolds 40.5 Anquan Boldin 39 Michael Boulware 38.5 Bryant McFadden 40.5 Eric Powell 36.5 Alonzo Jackson 37 Todd Williams 34.5 Greg Jones 35.5 Chris Rix 36

Top 10 10-Yard Dash Ryan Reynolds 1.59 Michael Boulware 1.60 Davy Ford 1.61 Jared Hetzel 1.61 Javon Walker 1.61 Kendyll Pope 1.62 Stanford Samuels 1.63 William McCray 1.63 Talman Gardner 1.63 Rufus Brown 1.65

Top 10 Bench Montrae Holland 500 Antoine Mirambeau 480 Todd Williams 466 Brian Ross 430 Josh Baggs 420 William McCray 415 Milford Brown 408 Darnell Dockett 405 Greg Jones 405 Ray Willis 405

Top 10 Squat Josh Baggs 638 David Castillo 618 Brett Williams 560 Todd Williams 558 Jeff Womble 538 Ronald Boldin 532 Greg Jones 527 Robin Charles 527 Greg Tony 502 Christopher Woods 501

Top 10 Clean Todd Williams 525 Brett Williams 408 Josh Baggs 373 Greg Jones 436 Alonzo Jackson 406 Allen Augustin 458 Javon Walker 473 Darnell Dockett 346 Travis Johnson 345 Ray Willis 336

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