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FSU Head Coach Bobby Bowden Pleased With Wednesday’s Practice

Nov. 19, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Florida State has responded well following losses this year. After falling to Wake Forest, FSU won four straight games. After a loss to Georgia Tech the team bounced back to beat Clemson. This week the Seminoles are trying to bounce back from the BC game as they head into a very difficult environment at Byrd Stadium. The Terrapins have been perfect at home this year winning six games at College Park. If Florida State can break that streak, Tony Carter is the man designated to bring home a piece of turf from the third sod game of the season.



·          Florida State practiced for 21 periods in uppers. The first 17 were spent working versus scout teams.

·          In pass rush David Spurlock had a nice drill and was joined by Rodney Hudson with a couple of wins. Rhonne Sanderson, Zebrie Sanders and Andrew Datko also had wins. Everette Brown got past his blocker three times and Markus White did it twice. Other players with a win included Justin Mincey, Budd Thacker, Paul Griffin, Kendrick Stewart and Kevin McNeil.

·          Drew Weatherford and D’Vontrey Richardson completed a pass each in 7-on-7. Christian Ponder connected with Corey Surrency, Josh Dobbie and Antone Smith.

·          When the drill moved into the red zone Ponder kept a hot hand finding Greg Carr, Ja’Baris Little and Surrency again. Richardson hooked-up with Cameron Wade and Jarmon Fortson. Tony Carter got a pass break-up and Jamie Robinson almost picked off a pass in the end zone.

·          Practice ended with 11-on-11. Ponder avoided two sacks and turned in nice, long runs on scrambles. He also found Dobbie, Smith and Surrency. Richardson hit Surrency and went deep to Bert Reed. The defense made a lot of plays. White had a sack and a pressure, Brown had a pressure as did Moffett. Patrick Robinson had a tackle for loss.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On practice:

“We have had a couple of good practices. We thought yesterday was a good practice and today was too. The kids worked hard and had a lot of enthusiasm. We are trying to cut down errors and cut down the mistakes.”


On team’s enthusiasm having an effect:

“It is hard to beat enthusiasm. Everyone is excited and anxious. Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t.”


On working them harder after a loss:

“We might. One coach might and one coach might not. They looked like they worked the same. The tempo was not bad.”


Thoughts on the coaching situation at Texas:

“It is different because the coach is so young. You don’t know what his length is going to be. It is a little bit different.”


On Maryland’s wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey:

“He is an excellent first draft type of guy. He is an excellent receiver. He has the speed, size and athletic ability.”


Defensive Tackle Paul Griffin:


On only having two games left:

“It is coming down to the end. The season has been short for me. Maryland is a good team so we have to come out hard.”


On what the defense needs to do to win:

“We have been coming to practice ready to go. Our main goal this week is just to work hard and bounce back from the loss. This game will be real crucial for us. This game will be our statement game.”


On the ACC standings and importance of this weekend:

“This game is very important. We are still in it for the ACC Championship. If we win this game, it is going to prove a lot. Some other things will have to fall into place, but for right now we will focus on playing this game and win big.”


Safety Jamie Robinson

On the many ways Maryland utilizes Darrius Heyward-Bey

“With misdirection we just have to be disciplined.  We have to make sure we stay our gaps and make sure your eyes don’t get caught in the backfield or looking in a spot you are not supposed to be.  Luckily we got a taste of that against Georgia Tech earlier in the season so we are a little bit prepared for it and we have been working on that this week.”


How can you prepare for Heyward-Bey?

“There is not anybody on our scout team that compares to him.  If there was he would be on offense over here.  That’s something we fight every week – trying to get a good look of the offense that we are going against for the week because we just don’t have athletes like that to prepare for the real thing.  It’s something we will have to work through on Saturday.”


Running back Antone Smith

On his thoughts on Saturday’s game:

“I think we are going to fare pretty good.  The guys have really prepared.  There are guys coming out here with no sleeves on trying to get used to the cold weather.  It’s (the cold) not going to play a major part; we have played in it the last three years and it’s been pretty cold.  We just have to go out and use our talents and go out there and play on the field.” 


What did this team take from the loss to Boston College?

“We took from the first two losses – it just can’t happen again.  Everybody has come back out to practice and tried to pick up where we loft off. A lot of guys left a lot on the field, had a lot of little turnovers and missed assignments.  We just have to put that together”


What’s makes Maryland dangerous?

“They are pretty tough.  They have a pretty good d-line and are similar to Boston College.  They are pretty big like Boston College.  We just have to go out there and play hard.”


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