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FSU Holds Final Monday Night Practice For The Regular Season

Nov. 19, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.Despite the fact they did not have a single scholarship tailback in uniform on Saturday the Seminole football team got a victory over Maryland on senior day. Preston Parker was a big reason for the success as he rushed for 133 yards in his first ever start at running back. On Monday Florida State returned to practice for 10 periods on the band field. It is the last Monday night practice of the regular season for FSU. After facing the Gators, the Seminoles will wait to hear where they will go bowling this year.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening comment:

“Antone (Smith) was out there tonight and Jamal (Edwards) ran. (Russell) Ball was out there also, but I don’t know if he is quite as far along. Talking to Randy (Oravetz) before the game and it’s still kind of wait and see. We’ll practice this week and see how they do. I was surprised that Tony Carter was out there running as well. He did some drills. I don’t know what his status will be. I guess we’ll find out as the week goes along.”


On the running backs coming back from injury:

“I just hope they’re ready to go. Antone (Smith) ran through all the drills. His legs were okay, he’s just got that shoulder.”


On Lloyd Carr’s retirement:

“I really hate to see him retire. You’d have to say that he’s one of the good guys. He’s called me before and I’ve called him before.”


On how the Florida game affects recruiting:

“I think it’s very important in recruiting. There are some boys who will make a decision on who won it, but it’s not like all of them will. There is always probably one or two that it will sway. Boys are different now these days; they choose different reasons for going to a college. A lot of them will go to one where they feel they have a chance to play and things like that. It doesn’t matter who wins.”


On UF’s Percy Harvin’s recruitment:

“See we never did get a visit out of him. He visited (UF) first and that’s where he wanted to go. All I knew was that he was a good football player. A lot of them thought he might be the best prospect in the country and he might have been the best player that came out that year.”


On the schedule in November.

“There’s no doubt about it that the tough part of the schedule was at the end. This is a good one to end on; it will be good for us. We’ll find a lot out about ourselves this game.”


Senior wide receiver De’Cody Fagg:

On playing at Florida:

“Their fans are always into the game and always excited. It’s basically like Clemson; you’re going to have to focus in on everything Drew’s (Weatherford) saying and make sure you get all the signals. We’re going to have to use a lot of signals in this game because of the crowd noise. That’s one major impact.”


On quarterback Drew Weatherford in the Maryland game:

“He was 100 percent. It was just one play where he took a lick. I think a couple of guys were telling him to get down and he wanted everyone to know that he’s a tough guy. We know he’s tough; we just don’t need him taking shots like that. Other than that he’s been doing really well. He’s 100 percent, made all of his reads and came out of the game healthy.”


Senior defensive lineman Andre Fluellen:

On playing against Florida:
“Every other game we’ve played this season goes out the window; it’s Florida versus Florida State. It’s a rivalry game. It’s not like us and Miami where we kind of have respect for Miami and Miami has respect for us.”


On Tim Tebow:

“He’s a special breed; big physical guy. I’ve never seen a fullback play quarterback and that’s basically what he is. He can go out there and bruise, he’s got good speed, a good arm and it’s hard to contain him.”


On the Florida offense:

“It’s a tough offense to play against. You have to keep your eyes on your man because they do a lot of misdirection. We have to play disciplined and keep your eyes on your man at all times.”


On playing at the Swamp:

“To me it’s a fun place to play, I like playing in hostile environments. They have crazy fans and that’s what I like to see. It’s a hard place to play in, it gets really loud, especially for our offense. It’s a tough, but fun place to play.”

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