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FSU Holds Final Practice Before Garnet & Gold Scrimmage

April 11, 2008


Tallahassee, FL – Friday was supposed to be an off day for the Seminole football team but due to a rain out last week the squad made up practice number 14 this afternoon. Florida State practiced for 20 periods in shells on the eve of Saturday’s Garnet & Gold scrimmage. The scrimmage is set for a 7:00 p.m. start but there will be free activities starting at 2:00 p.m. and concluding with postgame fireworks.



  • Practice began with field goal and both Graham Gano and Zach Hobby hit an extra point, a 35-yarder and a 41-yarder. Both were unsuccessful on their final try from 47. Hobby’s attempt was extremely close but it looked like it just sliced to the left.

  • After punt work, the team broke up into position group and then inside drills.

  • While inside was going on, the receivers and DB’s worked in 1-on-1. The drill was run from the red zone. D’Vontrey Richardson completed TD passes to Richard Goodman and Preston Parker who made a one-handed grab. The DB’s had a great drill as Korey Mangum and Terrance Parks broke up passes while Patrick Robinson had a pick. Parks also drew cheers when he jammed his receiver off the line and didn’t even let him run his route. The drill ended with another big DB play as Christian Ponder hit Patrick Robinson for a TD with Parker trying to cover in a little role-reversal.

  • The defensive line had a great day all practice and it started in pass rush. Justin Mincey had four wins, Everette Brown, Paul Griffin and Kevin McNeil each had two wins while Budd Thacker, Dumaka Atkins, Benjamin Lampkin and Craig Yarborough all got to the QB. For the offense, Rodney Hudson won two battles and Josh Tate, Brandon Davis, A.J. Ganguzza, Antwane Greenlee and Evan Bellamy all won a match-up as well.

  • In skeleton Richardson connected twice on deep passes to Goodman and also hit Matt Dunham. Ponder found Parker, Brandon Paul, Marcus Sims and Bert Reed twice. One of Reed’s catches was extended on a long run after the catch.

  • The defense was all over the quarterbacks in 11-on-11. Mister Alexander had two sacks, Thacker had a sack as did Brown. Darius McClure almost got one as well on a blitz. Ponder avoided another possible sack when he got past Kendall Smith and turned it into a nice run. Ponder’s two completions both went to Greg Carr. Richardson had some big time help from his receivers during the drill. Goodman caught a deep ball on a great grab, Easterling held on to a pass despite a huge hit and Rod Owens also hauled in a pass on a stellar play. Louis Givens also caught a Richardson pass.

  • In red zone drills Ponder hit Parker and Carr for TD’s. He also completed a pass to Marcus Sims. Richardson had TD passes to Sims, Easterling and Givens, one of three catches by the walk-on,. Givens had the best play of the drill as Jamie Robinson broke up a Richardson pass but the sophomore from Jacksonville stayed with the play and hauled the ball in lying on his back. For the defense Josh Johnson had a sack and McClure broke up a pass.

  • The 2:00 drill was run with 1:30 on the clock. The first team offense did not begin well as McNeil sacked Ponder on the first play but the offense got the yards back and a first as well on a dump off to Antone Smith. After back-to-back incomplete passes, a defensive penalty made it 3rd-and-5. Dekoda Watson broke through the line but Ponder just avoided the sack by throwing it up to Easterling who came up with a big gain. On the next play the redshirt freshman was rewarded with a TD catch in the corner of the end zone.

  • The second team offense started similarly. Yarborough had a QB pressure the first play and that was followed by an incompletion. Richardson was nearly untouchable on third down avoiding three would-be tacklers for a big gain only to see the play wiped out on a penalty. Richardson picked up the first in a more conventional fashion on the next play as he found Goodman to move the chains. Givens made a diving catch on the next play before Richardson was forced to scramble and get out of bounds to stop the clock. The sophomore QB found Timothy Orange on the next play but a big hit by Roosevelt Lawson jarred the ball loose bringing up fourth down with :09 on the clock. Goodman once again made a big play catching a ball and breaking it to the two-yard line before he was tackled with :03 on the clock but the twos were unable to get another play off.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

Opening Statement:

“We had a good practice today. Kids were very enthusiastic; of course last practice before that game. I thought it was a pretty good practice. It looked like we were making some progress, I’m anxious to see to see if we are making progress, I know we are making it, I hope it shows. The quarterbacks threw good today, caught the ball pretty good. Defense was pretty active so I thought it was a good day at practice.”  


On what are the one or two things you want to see tomorrow:

“I think the big thing is you’ve had 14 days of practice and you would like to see if any of it is showing. We started right here and we’d like to see how far they’ve come, you know it. You would like for it to show it in the game. I think that’s the big thing, you’d like to see progress.”


On the quarterbacks challenging each other:

“The good thing about it, if you’re starting quarterback goes out there and he’s cold, just not getting it done, at least you know you’ve got somebody who might go in there and turn it around. In fact the Virginia Tech game last year when (Christian Ponder) came off the bench we were behind 14 points and he got us ahead. So that’s a good feeling. It’s scary when you’ve only have one cause if something happens to him, you’re up a tree.”


On how important the Spring Game is:

“That’s what it’s big in evaluation. Gives us an idea of who should be starting for us next year at this position, and that position and this position. So from the results from that game, which including all your practice sessions, you’ll formulate who’s gonna start in guard and who’s gonna start in tackle.”


WR Bert Reed:

On whether or not he is ready for spring to come to an end:

“I feel like my body is more ready to be done then I am. I feel kind of warn out right now, but the excitement for tomorrow, I’m really excited and ready to go.”


On his expectations for Saturday’s garnet & Gold scrimmage:

“We want fan support and we want people to be out there because it just shows what we have been doing and what we have been working hard at so I feel like if it’s a big fan support that will be great, but there are still 11 guys on the field, 11 guys on our team so we’re gonna play ball either way it goes.”


On how the young wide receivers have grown:

“I say from a C to an A-, but I really feel like all the receivers are blocking, catching, everything has grown. Guys stepped up as leaders that need to step up so I feel like the receiver corps has grown a lot for this team.”


OLB Nigel Bradham:

On if he is nervous about the Garnet and Gold game:
“I wouldn’t say nervous, I would say excited because it’s a big crowd. Pretty much will be a game atmosphere type thing. I wouldn’t say nervous, I would say excited. I used to playing at high school because of high school but I’m pretty sure it’s a different atmosphere in college.”


On what it will be like to run out of the tunnel before the game:

“I’m looking forward to it a lot because it’s a dream type thing. I’m really excited to see how it is really going to feel when you’re running out and the whole crowd starts yelling and stuff like that and gets you going.”


On what he has learned during the spring:

“I would say I’ve pretty much picked up on the speed and basically just learning all the techniques and my responsibilities of my position. I’m just learning everyday and get better.”



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