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FSU Honors Athletes On National Student-Athletes’ Day

FSU Honors Athletes On National Student-Athletes’ Day

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April 6, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – In 1999, FSU won its second National Championship, advanced to the College World Series for the third time, had a National Swimming Champion and won two Atlantic Coast Conference titles. The Seminoles also excelled off the field in the classroom and in the community.

The following is in honor of Florida State’s outstanding student-athletes and their accomplishments in the 1999 season:

Florida State student athletes enjoyed much success in the classroom in 1999. The Seminoles earned an overall 2.95 GPA last fall and had 15 teams earn above a 2.75. Leading the way was the women’s tennis team, who is well on its way to winning its fourth straight Golden Nole Award, given to the team with the highest grade point average. Lise Gregory’s squad finished the fall semester with a 3.84 GPA and a current cumulative GPA of 3.70. The squad had four players with a perfect 4.0 while three others earned above a 3.5 for the semester.

78 Student-athletes on the Dean’s List
182 Studennt-Athletes had a minimum 3.00 GPA
171 Student Athletes have a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA

Six teams with a minimum 3.00 semester team GPA:
Women’s Tennis: 3.84
Men’s Cross Country: 3.19
Women’s Swimming and Diving: 3.19
Women’s Golf: 3.16
Men’s Golf: 3.14
Women’s Soccer: 3.06

Eight teams with a minimum 3.00 cumulative team GPA:
Women’s Tennis: 3.70
Women’s Golf: 3.28
Women’s Cross Country: 3.25
Men’s Golf: 3.08
Men’s Tennis: 3.07
Women’s Swimming: 3.04
Women’s Volleyball: 3.02
Women’s Basketball: 3.02

Senior tennis player Kia Asberg received the 2000 ACC Weaver-James-Corrigan Post Graduate Scholarship, named for the former commissioners of the league. Thirteen other Seminoles have been nominated for scholarship awards including:

Arthur Ashe, Jr. Sports Scholarship Award Nominees:
Steve Augustine, Track
Jessica Balbuena, Tennis
Natalie Carratala, Tennis
Dana Glover, Track
Caren Hirai, Diving
Chris Hope, Football
Jean Jeune, Football
Kenyun Langston, Track
Terri Norton, Track

MasterCard Golf Graduate Scholarship Award Nominee
Laura Kowalski, Golf

NACDA John McLendon Memorial Minority Postgraduate Scholarship Nominees
Danny Chocron, Swimming
Jean Jeune, Football
Aisha Thornton, Volleyball

Three football players were named to the ACC All-Academic Football Team and 181 FSU Student-athletes made the 1999 ACC Honor Roll:

Baseball Bentley John
Baseball Diaz Matthew
Baseball Diaz Zach
Baseball DiBlasi Michael
Baseball Ginn Christopher
Baseball Hart Christopher
Baseball Roman Eric
Baseball Scott Sam
Baseball Smalley Michael
Baseball Stocks Nick
Baseball Thigpen Clint
Baseball Whidden Chris
Baseball Whidden Nick
Basketball Chlebek Matthew
Basketball Hull Chris
Basketball Simmons Oliver
Basketball Thompson Ronald
Cross Country Fussell Chris
Cross Country Maier Michael
Cross Country McCumber Charles
Cross Country Spears Brandon
Cross Country Stuart David
Cross Country Umholtz Matthew
Football Antosca Joseph
Football Antosca Scot
Football Cook Brett
Football Cottrell Keith
Football Etheredge Stephen
Football Henderson Parthenios
Football Hope Chris
Football Ingram Clay
Football Jackson Gennarro
Football Jeune Jean
Football Johnson Timothy
Football Lawrence William
Football Lewis Earl
Football Maeder Chad
Football Maher Richard
Football Odom Ben
Football Outzen Marcus
Football Rhodes William
Football Rodeffer William
Football Smith Anthony
Football Sprague Ryan
Football Stephens Demetro
Football Weinke Chris
Golf Allen Jason
Golf Cochran Thomas
Golf Jarrard Blair
Golf Lopez Jason
Golf Shea Casey
Golf Zuelch Kevin
Swimming Chocran Danny
Swimming Dedekind Brendon
Swimming Deese Kerwin
Swimming Flanagan Kevin
Swimming Fry Jonathan
Swimming Henley Carlos
Swimming Kaplan Jonathan
Swimming McVittie Matthew
Swimming Nuttall Benjamin
Swimming Onken Charles
Swimming Parry Stephen
Swimming Singleton Michael
Tennis Braswell Ty
Tennis Ingham Michael
Tennis Niks Yvo
Track & Field Augustine Steve
Track & Field Avila Bruno
Track & Field Barr Anthony
Track & Field Bland Geary
Track & Field Bowling Josh
Track & Field Brett Patrick
Track & Field Cangiolosi Matthew
Track & Field Crannell Todd
Track & Field Dean Jason
Track & Field Harnden Iain
Track & Field Hess Brad
Track & Field Jones Darius
Track & Field Langston Kenyun
Track & Field Lawrence Jason
Track & Field Lawrence Jody
Track & Field Pritchett Steven
Track & Field Proulx Charles
Track & Field Smith Antonio
Track & Field Smith Daniel
Track & Field Visser Gary
Track & Field Yost Mason
Track & Field Zachaczewsky Mark
W. Basketball Davidson Arleshia
W. Basketball Fuchs Vanessa
W. Basketball Linley Valerie
W. Basketball Robinson Jennifer
W. Basketball Springle Lakesha
W. Basketball Sutton Angela
W. Basketball Wyckoff Brooke
W. Cross Country Broughton Kingsley
W. Cross Country Gaskins Mary
W. Cross Country Lands Jennifer
W. Cross Country Lazarus Erica
W. Cross Country Murphy Sandra
W. Cross Country Pearce Shannon
W. Cross Country Reid Natalie
W. Cross Country Skinner Holly
W. Cross Country Stevens Xuan
W. Cross Country Vlaun Nadira
W. Cross Country Wilson Amanda
W. Cross Country Winn Kimberly
W. Golf Bond Amy
W. Golf Burgin Stacey
W. Golf Capie Sarah
W. Golf Iding Erika
W. Golf Kowalski Laura
W. Golf Sanborn Kristen
W. Golf Spooner Amy
W. Golf Winship Kelley
W. Golf Wright Louise
W. Softball Brock Rebecca
W. Softball Lyons Andrea
W. Softball McGregor Jesse
W. Softball Post Tami
W. Softball Venable Stacy
W. Softball Williams Corrie
W. Soccer Dyche Heather
W. Soccer Ford Jill
W. Soccer Gurtov Jamie
W. Soccer Halter Ashley
W. Soccer Johnson Kimberly
W. Soccer Juhl Melissa
W. Soccer Kurzeja Stephanie
W. Soccer Lavoie Janine
W. Soccer Lynch Lauren
W. Soccer Monroe Jennifer
W. Soccer Murphy April
W. Soccer Nye Molly
W. Soccer Osorio Alex
W. Soccer Shelgren Sarah
W. Soccer Spicer Katherine
W. Soccer Walkup Janna
W. Soccer Watkin Rachael
W. Swimming Adams Kristen
W. Swimming Dedekind Liska
W. Swimming Goodwin Amber
W. Swimming Gurr Tanya
W. Swimming Hirai Caren
W. Swimming McLain Amber
W. Swimming Parker Ann
W. Swimming Sabesky Marya
W. Swimming Toole Maria
W. Swimming Washburn Summer
W. Swimming White Samantha
W. Swimming Wright Kathleen
W. Tennis Asberg Kia
W. Tennis Balbuena Jessica
W. Tennis Carratala Natalie
W. Tennis Duxin Nanette
W. Tennis Raic Marina
W. Tennis Thompson Kylie
W. Tennis Travis Christy
W. Tennis Weber Alison
W. Track & Field Adkins Lindsay
W. Track & Field Allen Bridgette
W. Track & Field Cannon Shelby
W. Track & Field Davis Taresa
W. Track & Field Fernandez Laura
W. Track & Field Glover Dana
W. Track & Field King Christa
W. Track & Field Mayhue Jennifer
W. Track & Field Miano Kerry
W. Track & Field Moye Elizabeth
W. Track & Field Mullings Zuzette
W. Track & Field Norton Terri
W. Track & Field Quinn Shauna
W. Track & Field Ruiz Janette
W. Track & Field Steele Michaela
W. Track & Field White Sara
W. Volleyball Bolten Fiona
W. Volleyball Dipert Courtney
W. Volleyball Rickertsen Sarah
W. Volleyball Schneider Holly
W. Volleyball Zulueta Kensy

Florida State athletes have also been recognized for their outstanding leadership on and off the field. Senior swimmer Danny Chocron, president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and senior quarterback Chris Weinke have been nominated for the FSU Student Leadership Award. Junior Kristen Adams represents the women’s swim team as secretary of SACC and 38 Seminoles will receive the Seminole Torchbearers Award for Graduating Seniors with Outstanding Leadership:

Baseball: John Bentley
Women’s Basketball: Tamara Gracey and Jennifer Robsinson
Women’s Cross Country: Dianna Hartnup and Melissa Lyons
Football: Keith Cottrell, Jean Jeune, Marcus Outzen and Chris Weinke
Men’s Golf: Nathan Bertsch and Jason Lopez
Women’s Golf: Stacey Burgin, Laura Kowlaski and Louis Wright
Softball: Andrea Lyons and Rebecca Wallace
Men’s Swimming and Diving: Danny Chocron, Kevin Flanaga, Nelson Mora and Ben Nuttall
Women’s Swimming and Diving: Tanya Gurr, Marya Sabesky and Sarah Scobey
Men’s Tennis: Michael Ingham
Women’s Tennis: Kia Asberg, Alison Weber
Men’s Track: Steve Augustine, Iain Harnden, Kenyun Langston, Ryan Owaski and Charles Proulx
Women’s Track: Lindsay Atkins, Kingsley Broughton, Lakeisha Mose, Zuzette Mullings, Michaela Steele, Sara White
Volleyball: Aisha Thornton

The Seminoles are also well represented in the honor societies on campus:

Golden Key National Honor Society:
Lindsay Adkins, Track
Vanessa Fuchs, Women’s Basketball

Hospitality Honor Society ESD:
Michael Maier, Cross Country

WEB DuBois Honor Society:
Terri Norton, Track

National Honor Society for Collegiate Scholars:
Caren Hirai, Swimming and Diving

Psi-Chi (Psychology Honor Society)
Kenyun Langston, Track


With over 2,500 hours of community service, Florida State athletics has made a name for itself within the community. From Habitat for Humanity to Meals on Wheels, Champions Read to the Dick Howser Center, the Seminoles have contributed their time and effort in helping Tallahassee.

Florida State recognizes the team with the highest community service hours per player each year at the Golden Nole Banquet. The Atlantic Coast Conference also recognizes the top six with the “Top Six” award each year. Each of the top six Seminoles served over 200 hours each in the community during 1999: Jean Jeune, Football, Anne Blachford, Women’s Swimming and Diving, Brooke Wyckoff, Women’s Basketball, Ryan Barthelemy, Baseball, Christy Peacock, Soccer, and Gary Visser, Track and Field.

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