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FSU Leads The Way Academically

June 30, 2010

Tallahassee, Fla. — The Florida State track & field program acheived a league-best 15 selections to the 2010 All-ACC Academic Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track & Field Teams, conference commissioner John D. Swofford announced Wednesday.

On the women’s side, FSU led all school with nine selections and the Seminoles did the same on the men’s side with five picks.

“Our athletes have show their commitment to academic excellence as once again we lead the ACC in number of All-ACC Academin honorees,” FSU head coach Bob Braman said. “I could not be more proud of our student-athletes. This is also a tribute to the efforts of our academic support staff and our assistant coaches who motivate these young men and women to be the best they can be in the classroom.”

Included on this year’s women’s squad are nine Seminoles: Pasca Cheruiyot, Jennifer Dunn, Callie Giffin, Allyn Laughlin, Pilar McShine, Andrea Palen, Marecia Pemberton, Kim Wiliams and Amanda Winslow.

Williams is a three-time honoree while Laughlin and McShine are two-time picks.

On the men’s team, five ‘Noles are recognized: Michael Fout, Brian Chibudu, Bryan Howard, Andrew Howard, Andrew Jacobs, Pablo Navarrete and Aaron Steele. Out of that bunch, Fout is the only FSU student-athlete that is not a two-recipient of the honor as he just completed his freshman season.

To be eligible for the All-ACC Academic Team, student-athletes must have earned a 3 .00 GPA during the spring semester and own the same cumulative mark.

2010 All-ACC Academic Women’s Outdoor Track & Field Team
Caitlin Bailey @%Sr.Boston CollegeBiology
Kelsey Huckins %So.Boston CollegeNursing
Caroline King !%Jr.Boston CollegeCommunications
Linda Buchholz @%Sr.ClemsonMarketing
Karine FariasFr.ClemsonPre-Business
Caroline Kennedy #Sr.ClemsonHealth Science
Alyssa KulikSo.ClemsonPsychology
Patricia Mamona !%Jr.ClemsonHealth Science
Amy MorrisonJr.ClemsonHealth Science
Kim Ruck !%So.ClemsonHealth Science
Liane Weber !%Jr.ClemsonHealth Science
Suejin AhnSo.DukePublic Policy
Kate Van Buskirk %Sr.DukeCultural Anthropology
Amy Fryt %Jr.DukePublic Policy
Karolina HaraldsdottirSr.DukeInternational Comparative Studies
Pasca Cheruiyot %Jr.Florida StateSocial Science
Jennifer Dunn %So.Florida StateDietetics
Callie Giffin %So.Florida StateBiology
Allyn Laughlin !%Jr.Florida StatePsychology
Pilar McShine !%Sr.Florida StatePsychology
Andrea PalenJr.Florida StateSport Management
Marecia Pemberton %Fr.Florida StateExercise Science
Kim Williams @%Jr.Florida StateSport Management
Amanda WinslowFr.Florida StateSport Management
Alana Clooten @%Sr.Georgia TechHealth Systems
Mary Kate Dubard !So.Georgia TechIndustrial Engineering
Tiffany GrantSr.Georgia TechManagement
Joanna Wright @Jr.Georgia TechBiology
Christina NelsonSr.MarylandKinesiological Science
Kristy Whyte @Sr.MiamiExercise Science
Miranda Wilson !Jr.MiamiPsychology
Brie Felnagle %Sr.North CarolinaCommunication Studies
Gabby Gioia !Jr.North CarolinaEnglish
Ashley Verplank !%Jr.North CarolinaPsychology
Julia KickSo.NC StateManagement
Emily PrittSo.NC StateCommunication
Kristi Castlin $#%Sr.Virginia TechPolitical Science
Kelly Phillips @Jr.Virginia TechHuman Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
Asia Washington #Sr.Virginia TechAccounting & Information Systems
Myesha BarrFr.Wake ForestUndeclared


2010 All-ACC Academic Men’s Outdoor Track & Field Team

Tim Ritchie !Sr.Boston CollegeTheology
Warren FraserFr.ClemsonHealth Science
Bryce Iverson !Sr.ClemsonConstruction Science Management
Miller Moss @%Jr.ClemsonParks, Recreation, & Tourism Management
Xavier Tromp %Sr.ClemsonIndustrial Engineering
John Austin @%Sr.DukeEconomics
Michael Barbas !So.DukeNeuroscience
Ryan McDermott @%Jr.DukePolitical Science
Ken SullivanSr.DukeHistory
Michael FoutFr.Florida StatePsychology
Brian Chibudu !%Jr.Florida StateStatistics
Bryan Howard !Sr.Florida StatePhysical Education
Andrew Jacobs !So.Florida StateRisk Management Insurance
Pablo Navarrete !%Jr.Florida StateManagement
Aaron Steele !Sr.Florida StateStudio Art
Hunter ClasenJr.Georgia TechEarth & Atmospheric Science
Billy Mateker @Sr.Georgia TechMechanical Engineering
Greg Kelsey !Jr.MarylandKinesiological Science
Alex LundyJr.MarylandBiological Science
Adam Cunningham !%Jr.North CarolinaEconomics
Zack DawsonSr.North CarolinaPolitical Science
Daniel Keller !%Sr.North CarolinaManagement & Society/Sociology
Parker Smith !Jr.North CarolinaManagement & Society
Mateo Sossah !%Sr.North CarolinaBusiness Administration
Eric DavisSr.NC StateHistory
Jason Jones !Sr.NC StatePublic Administration
Kevin AndingSo.VirginiaEconomics
Alex Bowman %Sr.VirginiaInternational Political Philosophy
Steve Delice %Sr.VirginiaEducational Psychology
Sean KeverenJr.VirginiaKinesiology
William MillerSr.VirginiaForeign Affairs
Hasheem Halim !So.Virginia TechArchitecture
Jonathan HallJr.Virginia TechCommunications
Matej Muza $#%Sr.Virginia TechGeography
Alexander ZieglerFr.Virginia TechBusiness
Stephen Castillejo !Sr.Wake ForestHealth & Exercise Science
Marcus DillonSr.Wake ForestBiology/French
Garrett DrogoschFr.Wake ForestUndeclared
Brent LaRue !%Sr.Wake ForestHealth & Exercise Science/Studio Art
Thomas Sensing !Sr.Wake ForestHealth & Exercise Science
! denotes two-time selection
@ denotes three-time selection
# denotes four-time selection
$ denotes 2010 ACC Men’s Outdoor Track & Field Scholar-Athlete of the Year
% denotes 2010 All-ACC performer