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FSU-Maryland Postgame Quotes

Oct. 5, 2013

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Head Coach Jimbo Fisher
Opening Statement:
“I’m very proud of our team. I thought we competed in the game extremely well in all three phases and that was a challenge to clean up the special team woes. Those guys were dangerous. Defense I thought played outstanding from start to finish. Offense we had a great first drive and then we had a few bad snaps there and we had to get the center situation worked out and then we got going on offense, played very well. The defense I thought was the story of the day. They really took the show. I thought they dominated from the start to the finish against some great skill guys. They’ve got very explosive skill guys, do a great job and I thought our guys covered well, we rushed well, we covered the quarterback. We had great leverage on the football, we tackled well. Very proud with the way our special teams covered. Extremely proud of them and then the offense got going and we scored and did the things that we had to do. We’re 5-0. Still have a lot of spots we’ve got to clean up and fix and we’ve got to take this off week and get better and get fundamentally better, work some of our future opponent for some things we’re going to do and then go down the stretch of seven straight without and off week. Be very challenging, got to rest up and take care of our bodies and make good decisions with what we’re doing. Proud of where we are so far and we’ve done what we’ve supposed to have done and we’re putting ourselves in position to play some good ball.”

On the redshirt freshman QB Jameis Winston’s touchdown pass at the end of the third quarter:
“It was made because he should have done something else. He thought it was a sack and he spun out and he does as good of a job of getting out of pressure once he’s out and finding guys down the field as he’s eluding. He can transfer from his eyes to what he sees and get the ball out of his hands. It was a tremendous play.”

On if he is worried about the bye week or if he wants to get out there and play:
“No. I want us to enjoy it for a day and move on to the next game. (We’re) not thinking about Clemson, it’s about getting better this week. Our goal is not on Clemson right now, it’s what we’re going to do in practice on Tuesday. Get caught up on schoolwork, make sure you’re getting your I’s dotted and T’s crossed and think about getting better and what we have to do on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s practices and don’t get caught up in the next game. That will take care of itself.”

On the defense coming out with some three-and-outs:
“I think they played with urgency. They took blockers well and our eye discipline was excellent. We kept our eyes and this game here was harder to do that last game (because of) a lot of motions and the zone reads and pulls. Our eye discipline was excellent which allowed us to make good decisions about what we were going to do. Allowed us to play with our athleticism and then we were physical and tackled well.”

On senior DL Jacobbi McDaniel:
“It’s huge. All those guys up front when they can dictate like that it makes a big difference. He was batting balls – I tell you, he bats more balls for a short guy that I’ve ever seen. He’s an athlete. Jacobbi’s not just a lineman, he has skills. He can get to the ball (and) move around. That’s why we use him in the backfield on short yards because he can adjust his body. He’s a good athlete.”

On C Austin Barron:
“Very proud of Austin. He got settled in the game (had) a couple of blocks. I thought he did a great job and getting him back was crucial.”

On QB Jameis Winston and the offense:
“Yeah we give the quarterbacks all the glory and all the blame. That’s today’s game and it stands out to you. Proud of him and what they did.”

Randy Edsall
Head Coach, Maryland

“Not really much to say today. We weren’t very good; Florida State’s a very good team. I take full responsibility for this. We didn’t play well offensively, defensively, special teams. And we didn’t coach as well as we needed to today. I know the guys in the locker room; I know who they are and I know the resolve that we have and we will be back and we will look at this and get better.”

On Quarterback C.J. Brown…
“C.J. has a concussion … we will evaluate him further tomorrow to see where he’s at and go from there.”

On the hit on C.J. Brown…
“I’d rather make no comment on that at this point in time. I know what I was told by our coaches but I have not seen it myself on film and I probably won’t have any comment after that because all of these things are in the hands of the conference. I’m sure we will have them take a look and it we would just go from there.”

On back-up quarterback Caleb Rowe…
“I think Caleb went in and did some good things but as I told our team afterwards – we are not a one man team, it’s unfortunate that injuries happen here and we feel bad for C.J. but what has to happen is when somebody goes down everybody has to step up not just the person who is going to replace that injured person. Everybody has to step up; guys on offense have to step up, guys on defense have to step up more, we as coaches have to do more, special teams has to do more and we didn’t get that today.”

On Florida State taking away the run…
“If you can’t run the ball that makes it tough. That was one of the match-ups I was concerned about coming in to the game – you know – our offensive line against them. But again, if you have got to go – and they made us one dimensional – give them credit – it makes it very, very difficult.”

On Florida State’s Jameis Winston
“He’s an outstanding football player. We had him a couple of times; one of the things we worked on all week was to tackle him low, wrap his legs, and we didn’t do that, we were up high. He made some really good plays and as he started to come out of there (the pocket) our eye discipline in the secondary wasn’t very good. We looked back at the quarterback instead of plastering on the receivers and they got some big plays that way. And we didn’t do a good job on third down. Third down we were very, very poor on third down. All around it was not a good day.”

On how you move on from this game…
“Well, we will go back and watch the film tomorrow. Once we get through the film tomorrow and make the corrections we will move forward to Virginia. This game is over now; the only thing that we can do is watch film and learn from it and correct the mistakes and make sure those things don’t happen again. And move forward. You’ve got to have a short memory in this …24 hours later you have to move on and that’s what we are going to do. They (our players) know they didn’t play well. Those kids are smart enough to understand. We will look at it and move on. We can’t dwell it. This was one game of five that we played. This one is over with; we will learn from it just like the other ones and now we move onto the next one”

Quarterback Jameis Winston
On acrobatic escape and TD pass to Nick O’Leary:
“I can’t tell you what the play was but I can tell you I actually held the ball too long. I just try to get it to the open guys; I know those guys work hard to get open. I’ve got that thrive just to get out of there. Cam [Erving, offensive tackle] was actually on the man at the time, so he was protecting me the whole time. I just slipped up out of it and Nick [O’Leary] was wide open for the touchdown. It was a great play.”

On what coach Jimbo Fisher said on sideline afterward:
“He told me to, `Get the ball out of your hands,’ because he knew I held it too long. I said, `I gotcha Coach, I gotcha.’ He said, `Great play. Let’s keep rolling.'”

On Fisher’s smile shown on TV after that TD:
“He always has those little smirks. When he has that smirk he’s about to tell me that I did something wrong, but he’s also about to tell me, `Great play, but don’t let it happen again.’ That’s the one thing I love about Coach Fisher. Even if I make an outstanding play or we make a great touchdown or something, he’s always going to correct me and I need that.”

On what’s getting easier now compared to Game 1:
“Everything. I think with the team that I have it’s always been easy. It’s probably slowing down a little bit more because I’m getting used to the speed and everything. Those guys around me – I have so many weapons – it has always been looking like that from my viewpoint and seeing the defenses and the way we prepare for other teams.”

Enjoy this game or start thinking about Clemson:
“I’m going to enjoy this day right here because it felt like a Little League football game out there; 12 o’clock, the sun was out. I don’t think I saw a cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful day, so I’m going to enjoy this day. I’m really looking forward to playing Clemson. They have a great team and we’re going to Death Valley. It’s a great environment. It should be fun.”

On what was clicking for the offense:
“The defense was clicking. They kept giving us the ball, and when you keep giving our offense the ball, something’s going to happen. We pressed all practice like, `Guys, let’s start off fast.’ We even started practice faster just so we can we could get out rolling…. The defense kept giving us the ball. There weren’t any long drives that we were used to. Those guys [on defense] played an outstanding game and when you play an outstanding defensive game, defense wins championships.”

Tight End Nick O’Leary
On Winston’s escape and his TD pass reception:
“I was running a short route that wasn’t in the end zone. All of a sudden I turned around and I didn’t know where he was. Once I saw his spin out of all those people I just started floating back into the end zone. He kept his eyes up and just threw it down there.”

Do you assume with Winston he’s always going to escape?
“He’s done that quite a few times this year. I don’t know how he does it.”

On the offense hitting stride today in terms of execution today:
“We all played as a team this week. We all came out doing what we had to do and we were rolling.”

On his four receptions and two TDs after a couple quiet games:
“Everybody has their time every game.”

DT Timmy Jernigan
On if he felt like they had anything to prove today:
“Yes, I mean you always want to play with a chip on your shoulder regardless of what everyone else is saying, but the biggest thing was the way that we prepared a lot this week to get ready, we just came in with a lot of confidence and we prepared the right way.”

On what was the main thing they had to improve off of last week:
“We really weren’t thinking about last week. Last week was last week. We were mainly just focused on coming out here this week and everybody doing their part and just trying not to be superman.”

On holding Maryland to so few yards today:
“We did a great job on our gap assignments and the way we used our swim techniques, we knew that they were going to try to trick us up a little bit and run the hurry-up and we just predicted everything pretty well.”

DL Jacobbi McDaniel
On having a great day that he’s been waiting to have:
“The only frustrating part was when I got to the QB quite a few times and then he released the ball right when I got there, so I guess I got to go work on that aspect but I’m starting to feel like myself again.”

On the hit that knocked Maryland’s QB out of the game:
“I hope that he is alright, but I guess by the time I got there and when Christian Jones had him and he let the ball go. By the time I got there and hit him, I feel anyone could have hit him that hard because when he threw the ball I just continued to go through the play.”

DE Mario Edwards Jr.
On having a great practice this week and how it showed today:
“We practiced really well this week, it was probably one of the best (week of) practices that we had all season and we just put what we did in practice into this game.”

On if this defense better suited to play spread offenses like Maryland’s:
“I think our defense can play against any kind of offense, it’s just that we have to do our job and we can’t try to do the next man’s job, we are accountable for what we do.”

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