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FSU-Miami Quotes

Nov. 12, 2011

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Head Coach Jimbo Fisher:

Opening Statement:

“Add another classic. That’s what rivalry games bring out in you. Miami had a great team, they’ve got a heck of a team and they played very well. Our kids battled, fought, scratched. Didn’t always play well, we lost the field position early, couldn’t get out of it but battled back and responded when we had to. Give Miami credit, in a rivalry game, two teams are going to go at it and that’s what happens in these games. There’s craziness. I love the fight, the competitiveness for our kids to stay in the moment. Hey, we won another game against Miami; a very classy football team, and Al Golden does a great job with them. We’re growing through the season, we aren’t just learning and that’s what I’m the proudest of. We’ve got problems, we aren’t perfect but we are figuring out how to win and play in situations, but I’ll tell you one thing, we’re playing with a lot of heart. There’s a lot of togetherness in that group and I’m very proud of them.”

On Greg Reid’s returning:

“Greg thinks every return is a touchdown. That’s what makes him great. But he’s also got to be smart in situations. Greg’s mentality; I’m going to tell you something I would rather say whoa than giddy up any day of the week.”

On Miami’s long drive that ended with a Lamarcus Joyner interception:

“That was huge. I tell our kids all the time, you can play well and play poorly and lose and you can play very average and play situations well and win the football game. Even though they played well, but the situation in the red zone we were able to convert and get the turnover. We found a way to win the game even when we weren’t playing our best. A lot of it had to do with Miami; they did a nice job. When you start to become a good team, you don’t always play well but you can figure out ways to scratch and claw and make plays at the right time to win the game. Hopefully, that’s what we’re starting to learn to do.”

On whether being out gained and still winning was odd:

“I’ve out gained them and still lost too, so I feel a lot better. The flow of that game was very weird. It was a different type of game, rivalry games for the most part. It wasn’t just a fluid game from the field positions and the turnovers and the penalties and delays and returns, there wasn’t rhythm to the game, but there were two teams out there scratching and clawing hard.”

On forcing turnovers:

“We didn’t have any; that’s the key. We created turnovers and we didn’t turn it over on our side. Turnovers affect the game more than anything.”

Defensive Quotes

DB Greg Reid

On winning a rivalry game like this

“It means a lot, but with me coming from south Georgia I just try to put my heart out on the line for all the guys that did play in high school down in south Florida because it means a lot more to them almost because they’ve played with and against those guys their whole life.”

LB Nigel Bradham

On the defense’s play and turnovers forced

“We gave up too many yards as a defense and we also gave up too many big plays. I know one time we didn’t cover one of their receivers in the middle of the field, and we also just really beat ourselves most of the time and could of prevented a lot of things, so we’ve got to get those things corrected and come out next week even better.”

On the illegal hit he made and how it looked like a legal hit

“I just don’t want to be suspended for the next game; hopefully the officials will look it over and see what it really was classified as.”

DE Brandon Jenkins

On what the defense worked on to finish strong in this game

“We just had a great practice this week and we also just had a great attitude this week too that made everything easy and made us as a team practice hard.”

On how he thought the defensive front played today

“I thought we did a good job. We could of done a better job of containing Jacory (Harris) and we could have had a few more plays to try and make him scramble, but I think we played well as a whole today.”

On Miami switching it up with two different QB’s

“We knew that they might do something like that a little bit but really didn’t think they were going to do it that much. They have two great QB’s though and we did a good job at stopping them.”

Offensive Quotes

Dustin Hopkins, K

On defeating Miami:

“This game I wouldn’t say that we played our best. But when you don’t play your best and can come out with the win, we learn some stuff along the way.”

On his kicking performance against Miami:

“I think that was my first field goal miss (against Miami), I missed an extra point my freshman year. But now it’s out of the way and we still got the win. It’s funny all the wide rights and wide lefts, you’re going to miss one way or the other, unfortunately I missed but luckily it didn’t come back to bite us.”

On the play of the special teams tonight:

“Field possession wise, I feel like we held the edge. Shawn came up big, wow, he played awesome. I’m not sure how many he had inside the 10, but when you can pin somebody back there and force them to punt, it just sets up scores for our offense. We really just built off each other.

Christian Green WR

On the play of the offense:

“At the beginning we came out and didn’t move the ball like we wanted to. We tried to come back in the second half and really refocus on the fundamentals from practice all week. In the second half, I felt like we did that and we came out and executed really well.”

On getting a win against Miami:

“It is really a blessing to come out here and win games like this. We just have to keep it up and continue the hard work. We have two more big games left, so we have to focus on Virginia this week. We will celebrate this win, of course it is a big win, but we will get ready for next week.”

Shawn Powell P

On the play of special teams tonight:

“I really didn’t give a reaction because I thought it was going to be a touchback, I was really upset with myself. The special teams did a real good job. We focused on hang time; Benjamin is a great punter returner/kick-off returner. They also have a good kick-off coverage team as well. There were things we looked at and everybody put their piece in and it worked. We prepared well and actually took it out to the game on Saturday. We saw the outcome.”

On the rivalry against Miami:

“It’s one of the biggest rivalries in the college football. For us seniors, it was great to beat them again. No matter how good Miami is or how good we are, when we come together it is going to attract a crowd. We play like it’s our national championship, our Super Bowl, everything. That’s how the rivalry is between Florida State and Miami.”

EJ Manuel QB

On the team’s growth through week one:

“From week one, the maturity of this team is incredible. Whether it is success or if you mess up something in practice, you just let it slide off your shoulder. You don’t get upset when a coach gets on you, you don’t take everything personal, you got to move on and do what you’re supposed to do, get your work in and get off the field.”

On getting the win against Miami:

“This is my first time actually playing and winning against Miami. It means a lot. The bragging rights from this year until the next time we play them next year – we will have it. At the same time, you have got to be ready for those guys next year because they will always bring their `A’ game just like we will. It was a great game and I am looking forward to going down to Miami and playing them next year.”

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