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FSU Qoutes From WCWS Press Conference

May 26, 2004

Oklahoma City, OK –
There weren’t many questions for No. 4 Florida State at the opening press conference at the 2004 Women’s College World Series but everything that coach Graf said is transcribed here at Hear what she had to say as the Tribe prepares to chase the 2004 national championship.

Dr. JoAnne Graf Opening Statement

“Obviously this is one of the goals most teams have during the year, to finish your season in Oklahoma City. We are very pleased that we accomplished that. It was a tough battle through regionals. There were a number of great teams there as there are here. I think this field is very competitive. It is very equal and I think this is going to be an awesome World Series. The people in Oklahoma City have always treated us well and it is fun to be here. We just hope there are no tornados because we aren’t really used to that. We’re used to hurricanes. Seriously, everyone always treats us well and we are looking forward to a great, competitive series.”

Dr. JoAnne Graf on the injury to Lesley Palmer

“It really hasn’t changed our game strategy. Kim Hoffer has done a great job. She filled in at shortstop when Tatiana (George) broke a bone in her hand in the middle of the year and did a great job for us there. Then when Lesley hurt her knee we moved Kim to third because it happened just as Tatiana was ready to come back. Kim Hoffer is one of those unsung kind of kids. She came in as a back-up player and as a role player. Obviously she wanted to start but she wasn’t quite there yet. Then we had some injuries and she took advantage of the opportunity. She is one of those kids, and we have a lot of them on our team, who we wouldn’t be here without them. As far as our game strategy, it hasn’t changed that at all. Kim Hoffer is a great defensive player.”

Dr. JoAnne Graf on the difficulty playing in Oklahoma’s backyard:

“You have to give them credit for what (head coach) Patty (Gasso) has done at Oklahoma. Obviously if we play Oklahoma the crowd will be pro Sooners. That is exciting. I think the first year they (OU) was here it helped the sport of softball. I think they do a great job. It is like any other game up here but obviously you have to deal with the crowd if you face the Sooners.”

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