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FSU Returns To Practice Following Homecoming Win Over Duke

Oct. 29, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.Both offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher and defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews were happy with the way their units played in Saturday’s 25-6 victory over Duke. Tonight the team worked on correcting the few mistakes that were made versus the Blue Devils as the team practiced for 10 periods on the band field. Tomorrow the team will begin to put in its game plan for second-ranked Boston College.



  • The ACC announced today that the Seminoles’ game at Virginia Tech will be broadcast by ABC and kick-off at 3:30 p.m.



Coach Bowden Quotes

On FSU’s defense vs. Duke:

“Boy, the defense really played well.  If the defense could play like that every Saturday, it gives you a chance to win.  We did the same thing against Colorado and just kind of shut them down.  Since then, they’ve won some big games.  They’ve beat Oklahoma and Texas Tech last week.  When our defense is playing that good, it gives us a chance to win.”


On the November schedule:

“We’ve got Boston College away, Virginia Tech away, Maryland here and Florida away so you’ve got your highest-ranked teams ahead of you.  Of course, Boston College is No. 2 in the nation so it gives us a chance to be the spoilers.  You can remember how many years where we were ranked one, two, three, four and they would come in and be the spoilers.  Well now, the opportunity is in our hands.”


On Boston College‘s experience:

“They are experienced, there’s no doubt about it.  They’re a typical big, physical, Northeastern football team and they’ve got a great quarterback.  If you’ve got a great quarterback, you’ve always got a chance to go to the top.  When we won the National Championship here, both times, we had the Heisman Trophy winner.  I really think he’ll (Matt Ryan) will probably win in this year.  Matt’s just been a tremendous quarterback the last three years.  We played against him the last time we were up there.  I think their other quarterback got hurt and he came in and played and did a great, great job throwing against us.  We were lucky enough to win the ball game.  Of course, he’s just gotten better and better.  He’s highly-accurate, just so accurate and he’s tall and big and intelligent.  He’s just what you’re looking for.”


“Both sides of the ball, they’re very good up front.  You take a great quarterback with a good offensive line, you can fill in the other spots plus they’ve got good quality at the other spots.  And then defensively, they’re big and strong and tall and rangy and they play good.”


On the BC game which will have the national spotlight:

“We’ve been in a lot of games like this.  Not necessarily these boys but Florida State has and it’s a great opportunity for us to do something.  If we’re going to do something big with this team, now is the time.”


On how the weather up in Boston might affect the team:

“That, I do not know.  I don’t know how cold it will be but I am sure it will be a lot colder than it is here.  Unless it’s just freezing, I think the kids will adapt to it fine.”


On Xavier Lee’s suspension:

“Xavier (Lee) has been suspended for two games for violation of academic policy.  That’s about all I can say about it. 
“We were working D’Vontrey (Richardson) and (Christian) Ponder.  I think D’Vontrey probably got more (reps).  I don’t know (who is considered to be the back-up); ask Jimbo.  He probably don’t know yet.  We’ll get a week of practice and see what happens.  I hate for something like this to happen – but it happened.  They have been getting some reps.  Now they will start getting a lot more and we will see what they can pick up. 
Anthony Houllis

 “Coach Bowden has been stressing that this is our first opportunity in a while to play a very highly ranked team like B.C.  It’s going to be a challenge but we are all looking forward to it.  Everybody is going to prepare extra hard this week; everybody is very focused I have already noticed.” 
On Matt Ryan
“Just from last week, you know he is going to finish the game.  He can fight.  It’s going to be 60 minutes; you can’t ever let up on this kid.  He looked good last week for about two or three minutes and other than that they shut him down.  But that two or three minutes is what lost them (Virginia Tech) the game.”
How is the Florida State defense progressing?
“We are still waiting on 60 minutes of football. Our goal is always – our number goal — is always a shutout.  It’s tough but it’s possible so that’s our main goal.  We definitely haven’t played up to our potential.  This would be the game to do it.  If we can have a breakout game this week offensively and defensively, I feel we can win.”
Joslin Shaw

“I knew with Greg (Carr) being out there was a good chance I would be playing a lot.  I really wasn’t sure.  I was working with the first team all week but I was playing it by ear hoping for the best.  I always felt like practice was lot harder than the games.  For me it was just going out and doing what I do in practice.  Everything else took care of itself.  It’s pretty much the same as last week.  I’m just playing it by ear.  I’m going out to practice and doing what they ask me to do.  Hopefully on Saturday I will be blessed to get a chance to show what I can do again.  During the game, I kind of wanted to throw-up because I couldn’t believe I actually was back on the field again actually playing.  It was really a good feeling to be back out there with the boys and contributing to the team.”

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