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FSU Turns Right Around Due To Short Week And Practices Sunday

Oct. 7, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.The 21st-ranked FSU football team returned to the practice field and the national polls on Sunday. One day after a convincing win over NC State, the Seminoles (4-1, 1-1) were back at work. With the Thursday night showdown with Wake Forest (3-2, 2-1) just a few days away, the Seminoles spent 10 periods under the lights as they went over correcting the mistakes from Saturday’s game. Starting Tuesday, FSU will have just two days to put in their game plan for the defending ACC champions.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On the short week:

“No doubt about it. This is really rushed. At the best, you get two days of practice. They can get three because they don’t have to travel. We have to spend a day going up there so it’s a rushed game, but a big game.”


On last year’s loss to Wake Forest being a low point in his career:

“Not anymore than 31-0 to Miami in 1988 when we were preseason No. 1.  You coach as long as I have you’ve got a lot of low points.  You can put that one in the book.  It qualifies.”


On Wake Forest:

Wake Forest is having to wear the bulls eye this year because they won the conference championship last year.  So everybody is aware of Wake Forest.  Everybody’s always hated to play Wake Forest, because number one, they are always physical, they hit good. You guys who have followed Florida State for the last 20 years remember how many boys we’ve had hurt in that game.  And we all feel like Grobe is as good a coach as there is. His offense is very, very … it’s amazing he can keep his assistant coaches. It’s amazing somebody hasn’t hired his offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator.  They stick together.  That’s why they’ve got such a good program.”


On the Seddrick Holloway run in NC State game:

“Boy that was something, wasn’t it?  Golly, I was so glad to see that, so glad to see that.  It’s a good sign to me and I told our coaches during the week and it’s not something they didn’t know, anytime your fullback can make yardage going that way, it’s a great sign.  That’s the straightest way to the goal line, is right straight there and if you can make team’s honor that, then they’ve got to close down and that opens up your outside stuff.  So it’s always good to see that.”


On Wake Forest‘s Coach Grobe:

“All I knew about him is that he played at Virginia.  The first time I was aware of him is when he went to the University of Ohio. He went there and I think he went undefeated one year.  That’s probably when he got the Wake Forest job.  And he’s done a great job.  People do hate to play against him.  His kids, well they block low.  In college, that’s legal.  There’s no rule against it as long as two guys don’t hit. A guy hits a guy high and another guy cuts him, that’s a chop block and you can’t do that. That’s the way the old Oklahoma teams used to block.  Everything was down at the knees.  So it’s that kind of blocking, but not all of the time.  So you’ve got to learn how to play against the low block.  We’ve got two days to get ready for the low block.”


On Wake Forest‘s misdirection style of play:

“That’s another one of his (Grobe) traits that is so good, the misdirection.  You don’t know where that ball’s going.  That’s probably the best thing he (Grobe) does.  I just hope we can play our best, we’ll have to play our best.”


How does your team respond to a team that upset them the last time?

“That’s one thing about it.  It used to be maybe you couldn’t get up for Wake Forest like you could other teams, but that’s no problem now.  That’s no problem for any of us.  We know what we’re in for.”


On Derek Nicholson this year and coming back strong off the injury:

“He’s played well.  It’s been a surprise for me but he’s played well.  We’ve had so many good middle linebackers like Buster (Davis) and all of the sudden, Buster’s gone after three years and here comes Derek and he’s leading that team in tackles up to last night. I don’t know how he did last night, but he’s played well and we don’t have much depth there by the way so you’ve got to hope they stay healthy.”


On offensive line’s run blocking:

“I just don’t think we’re able right now to knock people off of the ball.  As far blocking them and reaching them and scooping them and all of that stuff, we probably do it better than we used to but just to come up and knock people of the ball, we’ve got to get stronger there.”


On comparing Derek and AJ Nicholson:

“Other than he’s probably a better inside linebacker than an outside, whereas AJ was better outside than inside, I think I’ve heard the coaches say that they thought Derek was probably a better prospect than AJ.  We thought AJ was pretty good too.”


“There just different.  Tommy and Terry Bowden are different.  They’re just two different peas in a pod.  These two are different.”

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