May 15, 2000 - by
FSU Volleyball: Day Five Of European Tour

May 15, 2000

“We had breakfast at 7:30 a.m. and took our luggage downstairs
early, so we could leave Munich by 8:30 a.m. We had a brief delay before
leaving while we looked for a lost room key, paid for all of our faxes, and
the driver matched up passports with the list of travelers.

It was interesting to watch the countryside change from flat
farmland to a mountainous area. We drove across the Danube River and the
smaller highway we turned off on took us on a winding tour of rolling hills
and barns and houses. About two hours later, we stopped for the driver’s
break at a gas station and food store. There was a long line at the one
restroom for women. The others shopped for drinks, bottled water, and
snacks for later. We were heading to a lodge in the mountains and knew we
would be hungry later.

We had the usual delay at the Czech Republic border as they
inspected everyone’s passport and made sure we had the proper visa’s for
anyone that needed them. We exchanged a small amount of money from a
traveler’s check to Czech Kronen. We were now going to experience our
second type of currency on the trip.

This part of the drive took us through many small and poor
villages. We wound through the mountains and strained our necks to see
every sight. We saw the most beautiful bright yellow fields of flowers.

The girls laughed when the bus driver had to stop and ask final
directions to the lodge and got the universal signal of shoulders raised
and outspread arms, meaning “I don’t know!” Some things are the same no
matter where you are around the world.

We pulled up the final mountain to a gorgeous new ski lodge. We
unloaded the luggage, had a delicious dinner buffet, rode bikes on a trail
to Ice Lake, took lots of pictures, played volleyball in the parking lot
and retired to our rooms. Tomorrow, we drive to Prague.”

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