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FSU vs. #7 BYU Post-game Quotes – Florida State University

FSU vs. #7 BYU Post-game Quotes – Florida State University


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FSU vs. #7 BYU Post-game Quotes

In case you missed the post-game interviews with Bobby Bowden and Bronco Mendenhall, here are some post-game quotes:

"This is where experience pays off. Here at FSU we have been to Nebraska, we've been to Michigan, we've been to Ohio State, we've been to LSU, we've been everywhere and we've won a lot of them. So I felt coming into this game that was a big advantage for us because they were sitting on top of the world, they were in the top ten and we were not even ranked. And I thought we had a chance at slipping up on them, I felt like we had a tremendous chance to catch them not ready.

"I've been through this thing so many times I knew we had an advantage. We went out there and made some plays, which we hadn't done lately and we also forced some crucial turnovers. They had to come out after the half and do something. But we got so far ahead of them they couldn't win."
"The game against Jacksonville State was the best thing that could have happened for us."

"It was a great battle of quarterbacks. Neither team punted the first half. I thought no one was going to punt the way things were going. I hadn't been to a game like that in a long time. But it ended up a game of turnovers between the two quarterbacks and that was probably the difference. This is the kind of game that might give you a little bit of confidence."

"Christian Ponder might be the best quarterback in the country at making third down plays."
"LaVell Edwards and I had dinner last night and had a long talk this morning about old times. There is one thing about LaVell--he is from BYU. You can't take that away from him."

"I had never been here before. But now I know how they are able to get people to come here. This is such a beautiful place. Before all I saw when I thought Utah was snow."
"This is a frustrating loss for our football program.  Our inability to get stops on third-down cost us a lot.  I credit that to the play of Florida State.  They were able to run the ball from the beginning of the night to the end of the night, and that was the difference in the game.  Their running game prevented us from getting the offense the ball, not allowing us the balance we wanted."

"They played longer and harder than we did.  Our weaknesses were exposed, and that gives us a lot to work on."

"I was impressed through the week in FSU's athleticism, but they were more physical than I expected today.  I didn't think they would be able to move us off the line of scrimmage, and not only did they do that, but they did it consistently."

"I've always been in the idea of improving our program.  When you compare the loss to previous years, we have won two conference championships after starting 1-2.  I've tried not to acknowledge what was at stake, but it's hard not to with all the attention. I just want to improve our program."

 "I think the offensive play calling could have been quite different if we were able to play well defensively on third-down.  I was happy with the offensive play, through the first half at least."

"I think Florida State was more prepared in general than we were tonight, really from beginning to end.  I think their preparation exceeded ours, and it showed especially on third-down."

"I'm disappointed that the home win streak is stopped, but more disappointed that we didn't play to the caliber that I thought we could play.  I always want my teams to play best at home, and we definitely did not do that today."

"The turnovers contributed to the fact that we couldn't return to competitive or even in this game.  It made it get out of hand quicker."

"Their quarterback made a lot of really nice throws, and when the throws weren't open his ability to scramble for first downs, and that's something we did not face in the first two games.  If anything, we underestimated what he was capable of, not just throwing but running too."

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