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FSU vs. UCLA Post game quotes

Dec. 2, 2005

FSU Head Coach Mark Krikorian
(opening statement)
I am really proud of our team. When I look at the balance of the season it is hard because I don’t have a lot of perspective yet. I don’t think any of us would have predicted the conclusion we came to. It’s hard. It hasn’t really sunk in yet after losing 4-0 to a very good team. UCLA is a good team. There were moments of the game I thought we played very well but we weren’t just consistent enough in clearing balls in different situations. We gave them opportunities on two set pieces, which you just can’t do to good teams. Credit to UCLA for taking advantage of that. Good luck to them in the final.

(on giving up two goals in the last six minutes of the half)
I thought in the first half we had pretty good rhythm going. It is hard giving up goals in those time periods, right before half and right after half. We came out in the second half and did fine, created some decent chances. Probably not dangerous enough though. We had some good possession and some good movement. We just weren’t quite sharp enough around the box. When they scored that third goal then it is really a very difficult situation.

(on UCLA’s defense)
They are very athletic and have good organization. That combination usually means stingy defending. I think that they have good players all over the field and good athletes as well. Teams score goals because they have talented players in the right spots and prevent goals by being organized and competitive. I think UCLA certainly has those traits.

FSU junior India Trotter
(on UCLA’s defense)
Their backline, as Mark said, are very athletic. It was going to take more than just playing it behind their backline to get through. We tried get behind them tactically rather than just hitting the ball behind them but we just weren’t successful. There backline being so athletic was a key to help them win today.

FSU junior Ali Mims
(on UCLA’s set piece goals)
Their first and second goals were both scored off set pieces. On that second one, the ball was floated up in the air. I thought I could get under it. By the time I got to where the ball was going to land there were four or five people around me. UCLA’s (Denesha Adams) got to it first and the header dipped right underneath the bar. It was tough. Looking back on it I probably made the wrong decision coming out but you can’t go back on it now. I thought I could get to it because it was floated.

UCLA head coach Jillian Ellis
(opening comments)
“First off I’d like to congratulate Florida State on an excellent season. They got to this point and I watched a lot of film on them and they’re a very good team. So I’d like to congratulate them on their season. I’m just very proud of my players. I thought we prepared very well. I thought we had some challenging games along the way but we’re playing good soccer. Ultimately I’m pleased but now we have to move forward to Sunday.

(on preparation to get to Final Four)
“I think part of it is, you know, you guys see one game, one season but this has been our goal for our program and our program is still in the realm of soccer a very young program. This was the goal from the moment I took over at UCLA to build a program to perennially challenge for a National Championship so I think obviously we’re seeing the fruit, fruition of that. In a season, I told the players on the first day of practice this year, I said, `You’re a very talented group of individuals’. I gave them all blue collared shirts because I wanted them to have a blue collar attitude. They have good resumes, they have the pedigree but what we know is that it comes down to hard work and I spoke to them before the game tonight and reminded them of what I told them. I said at this point you’re now a very talented team and I’ve said many, many times that the strength of our team is our balance on the field, from the back, to the front to our goalkeepers. I think as a program I want people to expect us to be here. That is the greatest compliment to our program.”

UCLA freshman forward Kara Lang
(on whether UCLA noticed a difference in FSU’s demeanor after first goal)
“I think more or less we were just focusing on playing as hard as we did when we came out. One goal is such an easy thing to get back. I don’t think we were focusing so much on them as on ourselves and just making sure that we kept our foot on the gas.”

UCLA freshman midfielder Christina DiMartino
(on first two-goal game of the season)
“It was awesome and all with the help of everyone else. It was a good feeling I guess.”

UCLA sophomore midfielder Denesha Adams
(on being scoring early and being up 2-0 at halftime)
“I think once we got the first goal it gave us more confidence. We just needed to keep pounding, keep going and not stopping, keep pounding to the end and we’re just going to come through and that’s what happened when we went into halftime. We were still up and coach told us don’t take your foot off the gas just keep going because a 2-0 lead is the most dangerous lead in soccer so just keep going after it.”

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