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FSU Women’s Basketball In Europe

Aug. 11, 2000

By sophomore Katelyn Vujas

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PARIS, France – As we boarded the plane on Thursday afternoon, everyone was feeling very
excited that this day had finally come. The one thing that no one was
looking forward to though, was the full day of travel that lie ahead. We
left the Tallahassee Airport at 1:50 p.m., and arrived in Atlanta an hour
later. From there we had a few minutes to grab a drink before getting on
flight to New York. That flight was a little longer then the first, but
would be nothing compared to the six-hour flight from New York to Paris.
When we arrived in New York we had to literally run to the next gate to
board the plane on time. Once we got on, we ended up sitting on the runway
for an hour before taking off because security was clearing the runways
Hilary Clinton’s plane.

The flight to Europe was not the best because we were all cramped and the
flight was very full, but we made it safely to Paris at about 8:30 Friday
morning. After we went through customs and picked up our luggage, we began
an extensive bus tour of Paris. As we drove around the city, we saw the
Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

During the tour, we stopped and had some wonderful French pastries. After
the tour was completed we headed to our hotel to take a quick nap. Feeling
bit rested, we met down in the lobby at 4:30 p.m., and left the hotel to
take a tour of the inside of Notre Dame Cathedral. We were in awe of how
and beautiful the Cathedral was. The detail that was put into every inch
the Notre Dame was just amazing. We took lots of pictures and then headed
to the Metro, the Paris subway system, to ride over to the Arc de

The Metro was a fun experience for some of the us who had never been on
a subway before. We then had the choice to go to the top of the Arc or to
eat and do a little shopping. Some of us went right up, but most waited to
go to the top when it was a little darker out and the lights of the city
would be shining bright. It was such a beautiful view of the city.

Coach Sue asked us all to be our rooms by 11:00 p.m., because after the
long day of travel and touring we all needed a lot of rest.

Although we
were all very tired, it was a great first day and we are so excited to see
all the many more wonderful sites of Europe.

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