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FSU’s Dave Hart Takes Over As President Of Athletic Directors

FSU’s Dave Hart Takes Over As President Of Athletic Directors

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Oct. 1, 1999

DALLAS — The Division IA Athletic Directors’ Association
Executive Director, Dutch Baughman, has announced the selection of Dave
Hart, Jr., Director of Athletics at Florida State University, as the
President of the Association. Since 1996, Mr. Hart has served the
Association as a Vice President, and Chair of the Mission and Values
Committee, and his new position as President will be for one year.

Dave Hart, Jr. has been the Director of Athletics at Florida State
University since 1995. Mr. Hart has gained national recognition for his
skills in the areas of athletics management, public relations, marketing
and fund-raising. He has an outstanding reputation as one of the countrys
most respected athletics directors. Prior to being named Director of
Athletics at Florida State University, Mr. Hart was the Director of
Athletics at East Carolina University from 1987-1995.

Mr. Hart has a distinguished career as proven by his effectiveness
on the campus as well as his participation as a national leader. Mr. Hart
currently serves as President of the National Association of Collegiate
Directors of Athletics (NACDA), and has a long list of participation on
Atlantic Coast Conference Committees, to include his position as Chair of
the ACC Television Committee and the ACC Marketing Committee. He also has
been very active on NCAA committees. He is also currently Vice Chairman,
representing the Athletics’ Directors Association on the NCAA Football
Power of One Board, which is a collaborative effort to unite leadership
within intercollegiate athletics to better promote college football and all
other components of college athletics.

Mr. Hart is a very popular speaker at the national level and the
author of a number of articles for national publications. He has also been
an instructor at the National Association of College Directors of Athletics
Management Institute for the past ten years.

The previous Presidents of the Association have been:

        Chet Gladchuk           1998-1999       University of Houston
        Jim Livengood           1997-1998       University of Arizona
        Todd Turner             1996-1997       Vanderbilt University
        DeLoss Dodds            1995-1996       University of Texas
        Vince Dooley            1994-1995       University of Georgia
        Jim Jones               1993-1994       The Ohio State University
        Cedric Dempsey          1992-1993       University of Arizona
        Jack Lengyel            1991-1992       U.S. Naval Academy
        Sam Jankovich           1990-1991       University of Miami
        Mike Lude               1989-1990       University of Washington
        Frank Broyles           1988-1989       University of Arkansas
        Don Canham              1987-1988       University of Michigan
        Homer Rice              1986-1987       Georgia Tech University

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