May 21, 2004 - by
GAME SEVEN: Oregon 12, USF 0

May 21, 2004


Oregon Head Coach Kathy Arendsen

“I’m really, really proud of our effort. We haven’t been scoring a lot of runs, and we’ve been hitting, just not scoring. I thought (pitcher) Ani Nyhus was outstanding. We were much sharper than yesterday and I thought we played great defense so for us, it was a good all-around effort. Beth (Boskovich) got us off to a good start getting on base, and Jenn (Poore) hit well. It seemed like a different kid stepped up each time, each inning and got a great hit for us.”

“We are going to prepare for either team to play tomorrow. We have seen Cal State Northridge. They are a gutsy, strong, a feisty team of good talent and they play hard. Florida State is one of the best in the country. We are playing at their home. They’ve got pitching, defense, they’ve got speed. If that’s who we play, it’s going to be a great game. We have great respect for both of these ball clubs.”

Oregon Catcher Jenn Poore

“Ani was awesome today. I think the problem yesterday was that she was a little bit off location. We made sure today that she was going to hit those locations. She did a really good job.”

Oregon First Baseman Beth Boskovich

“It’s always fun to be able to hit in your teammates, but this is probably only my third time being lead off hitter. I’m usually in the meat part of the line-up which is nice so I have background hitting people in. I like trying to get on base first because it pumps the team up.”

South Florida Head Coach Ken Eriksen

“You can’t catch the walks. That’s the bottom line. Ten walks in the ball game today. With a hit batter, we gave 11 free passes today. The equivalency to that is going to turn into 12 runs sometimes.”

“It’s one of those things. Yeah, they scored one more than we did, but they also did it 12 times. The mature team is going to be the team that bounces back. A game is a game and you better have a short memory whether you’re doing well or doing poorly.”

“I can’t (talk about USF hitting). It wasn’t there. I really can’t talk about our hitting in respect to this. I don’t think the hitting was given a chance to get mentally into the game. Albeit, that’s no excuse for not being able to go at some good pitches. It’s a different mentality. Our game is a funny game. You get down early with this type of game and it’s really tough to come back. With a great pitcher like Ani Nyhus, when she gets a five or six run lead, you’re fighting against the Vegas odds.”

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