May 21, 2004 - by
GAME SIX: Florida 4, Long Island 0

May 21, 2004


Florida Head Coach Karen Johns

“We are glad that we are still alive and staying positive. I thought we played a complete game. We had some great at bats, played great defense and we had some exceptional plays and good pitching. We gave up two hits and both were in the same inning. She (Amanda Moore) shut them down.”

“I was impressed with our energy level. It’s not easy to come out first thing in the morning when you are in the loser’s bracket. I was really proud of our team effort in that way. It was disappointing because the loss was to a good friend. They are good people and I would have been just as happy for them as I would have been for our selves.”

Florida Pitcher Amanda Moore

“I’ve been here before. My freshman year and last year I pitched. You just have to drive to win. You have to get out there and throw the best game that you can and hope you can pick your team up and win and stay in it.”

“I was really trying to concentrate on making the ball move and spin and hit the corners really good. I feel like I threw well and I’ve just been focusing on working hard on it.”

Florida Catcher Michelle Diaz

“I just had to make sure and wait. When there are runners in scoring position, I try to make sure I hit it to opposite sides so I was looking for the outside pitches.”

“I don’t like playing like I’m a freshman. I like saying ‘This is my team.’ It doesn’t matter what year we are. We all win and lose as a team regardless.”

Long Island Head Coach Roy Kortmann

“Coming in, there were reports our pitching was ‘suspect,’ however, I thought our entire pitching staff did a great job in the two games. They kept many hitters in check and I am tremendously pleased with the effort. Both contests [Florida State and Florida] were winnable games”

“On offense, we hit a lot of balls right at them but could not get them in the right place. There were a couple of things [calls] that could have gone either way. Had that happened, it might have been a different game. I believe the Northeast Conference represented this region well, versus the ACC and the SEC.”

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