June 17, 2014 - by

Waiting for a game to begin or just looking to test your skills? Play one of our challenging Flash basketball games.

Invite your friends, compete against each other for the best score or post your score to the worldwide leaderboard!

See below for a menu of available games.

My Mini Basketball
Think you’ve got a champion basketballer’s aim? Play My Mini Basketball and test your shooting skills by seeing how many free throw shots you can make under changing wind conditions and build up achievements along the way.

Ultimate Mega Hoops
Think you have “mad” hoops skills? Ultimate Mega Hoops tests them by giving you the chance to shoot the ball into the net and score as many times as possible while it moves left and right. To add to the challenge, the game also speeds up as you progress through each of the 10 levels. To play, simply click on the ball to shoot it at the right time.

Ultimate Hoops Mania
Play Ultimate Hoops Mania, a fun and addictive basketball game featuring 3 different play modes. Practice Mode: Shoot around and get a feel for the game. Shoot for Points Mode: See how many hoops you can make within a set time. You vs. Computer Mode: This one’s the ultimate challenge, where you take on your CPU opponent and challenge him to a game. To play, simply click and drag your mouse to aim, then release to shoot!

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