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Gary Cismesia Named ACC Special Teams Player Of The Week

Sept. 25, 2006

Greensboro, NC – For the second week in a row and third time this season, a Seminole football player has earned ACC Special Teams Player of the Week honors. Last week it was Tony Carter that took home the honor, this week it is Gary Cismesia. In earning the award for the second time this season, the Florida State place kicker tied for the fourth-longest field goal in school history when he made a career-long 53-yard field goal in Saturday’s 55-7 win over visiting Rice. The Parish, Fla., junior also hit a 32-yarder against the Owls and five-of-six point after touchdowns to give him 11 points in the win.

While the Seminole players had a day off Monday with NC State still 10 days away, both coordinators and starting quarterback Drew Weatherford came in to the Moore Athletic Center to meet with the media. Selected quotes from all three interviews are included below.

Mickey Andrews

FSU Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator

On the Rice game:

“We got started a little bit slow. (Rice) came out and gave us some new stuff. They have not been a big `21 personnel’ team in fact they hadn’t run it all year and the veer option. We got fooled on a veer option pass. The cornerback didn’t finish the play. He is responsible for his area of the field until he sees the block. We ended up giving up a 32-yard touchdown. It was very well executed on their part. We just weren’t prepared for it because we hadn’t seen it. We have to be more disciplined. That is part of playing your position, taking care of your assignment. You just got to do it.”

On playing younger players:

“We got to play a lot of young people. That was good. They did OK. A couple times the first group had to go in and bail them out. That is probably one of the best things the first defense did. They finished the plays. They finished the game. They stopped Rice twice down in the red zone without any points. That’s huge when you can do that.”

On the improvement of the defense week to week:

“If you are missing a lot of tackles or you’re busting plays, you are not making progress. We look for individual techniques and improvement. It should get better as the year goes along. We had too many missed tackles, missed assignments the week before. It was a part of the reason we didn’t win the football game, a big part. We reduced that some this week. We had some missed tackles. I think we had 11 total which is not bad. Our goal is to hold them under 10. We missed it by one. Overall, you see progress. More importantly we see progress from young people that are getting to play a little bit more. Gaining experience is the only real way you learn how to play football.”

On the injuries to defensive players:

“We started out the season having to replace seven starters, which we did. Then you lose one of you best defensive linemen in the second game. Then you lose your starting safety in the third game. Now you lose a guy (Marcus Ball) who wasn’t starting on our base defense but he was on our yardage defense and about on every kicking team. He was not playing like a freshman. It will be a significant loss losing him. What it does is it gives an opportunity for somebody else.”

On Tony Carter’s punt returning:

“We didn’t want to do it (let Carter return punts) to begin with. We let our better judgment get lost in his desire for an opportunity. He did a good job when he was there. We are probably going to have to limit his tries as a punt returner because he is so valuable to us at cornerback.”

On the NC State game:

“They have beaten us too many times the last few years. It is one of those deals where you have to be prepared to play your best because you got to anticipate they will play their best. They looked pretty good the way they finished the ballgame up against Boston College.”

On Myron Rolle’s first start:

“It was a very nice start for his first time actually starting a ballgame and to get as many plays as he did. He was a little bit anxious early. He didn’t do a couple things early (that he did) later on in the game when he got comfortable he was executing a little bit better. He is one of the guys you would expect to continue to improve as he gets more reps.”

On facing a Chuck Amato coached team:

“That part doesn’t enter into it. It is just about who can get their teams…the team that goes out there and plays the hardest and makes plays and hopefully you can make some adjustments to help the kids during the process. I don’t see (it being a game versus an ex-FSU assistant) as being a factor really.”

On the importance of the NC State game:

“I wouldn’t say beating NC State is any more important that beating Florida or Miami or Clemson or Boston College. They are another ACC team that you have to compete with if you are going to compete for the championship.”

Jeff Bowden

Offensive Coordinator

On where the offense stands at this point of the season:

“Personally I don’t think we are close to where we need to be. We had a big win over a team we were superior to that was, in my opinion, kind of beaten down from the last three opponents they played. They played three big physical teams. UCLA and Texas wore on them. It is not to take credit away from everything we did Saturday but we got a lot of work to do from watching the film.”

On Drew Weatherford’s performance:

“He made some improvement but we still have some communication issues we should not be having. These are problems we did not have last year. There were not a lot but there were enough to make you wonder why you are having them all of a sudden.”

On the offense’s performance versus Rice:

“I will tell you the way I felt when I watched the film. I felt like an old Florida State team might have had 40 at the half. We had 27. When I say that I see a lot of things we could be doing better up front, more consistency catching he ball. (The offense) had every reason to be loose early because we got a lead there was no reason to be tight or tense. Taking your eyes off balls, we had some routes that were two steps short of what they should have been. Little things like that.”

On Xavier Lee’s role in the game:

“(He was going to get in) the third series. We didn’t want to vary from that. We have had the plan to work him in and the situation in the game did not allow it. Maybe we should have had this attitude before, but that is not a coach’s nature, any coach’s nature, normally to make a change that early in a game, in a tight ballgame. It is not in most people’s nature.”

On Chris Davis’ season:

“Was that his second fumble? I think it was. That is just one of those things, ball security. I thought he had the ball close to his body at the time he got it punched out from behind. Those are the things that get us beat right there, turning the ball over. Chris is still probably the guy I am most confident going to in a critical situation irregardless. We got to get his attention on these turnovers. That was a really good strip because it was from behind and he couldn’t see the defender. The guy punched it out from behind. He just has to make more effort to keep that ball against his ribcage.”

Drew Weatherford

FSU Quarterback

On getting over a rough stretch and coming out of it:

“There is always that game during the season where that light comes on and I feel for us last year, for me personally, it was the Boston College game. That’s when the offense really started to click. Yeah, we weren’t playing against the toughest opponent (Rice) but I don’t necessarily think that’s what our problem on offense was, who we were playing against. Our toughest opponent was overcoming the mistakes we had that we were making over and over and over. Whether it was a fumble, an incomplete pass, a dropped ball or a breakdown in protection, we never seemed to be consistent and maintain a drive. We finally did that several times. Sometimes you need that confidence, you know? Everybody does.”

On his evaluation of his play versus Rice:

“I thought I played pretty well. There are always plays I wish I would have made. For example, the one I threw the ball to Greg Carr in the end zone I left it a little too far inside and the DB made a play. If I had thrown it two feet outside, he probably would have scored there. Lorenzo Booker on the wheel route. I ended up having more room in the back of the end zone to throw it than I actually realized. We ended up getting pass interference because the guy was face guarding and I just threw it at his back because I knew they were going to call it. If I had gone back, I would probably have given him a chance in the back of the end zone. There are always things you can go back and look at to improve. All in all I thought I played pretty solid. Nothing spectacular. Just did what I was supposed to do.”

On Xavier Lee going in to the game in the third series:

“We talked about it. I guess it was the day before the game. (The coaches) let me know what the situation was going to be so I wasn’t surprised by it or anything. I was fine with it because he needs to get reps when the game is on the line and not necessarily when the game is out of hand, either way. It seems like he has always been put in really bad situations whether we are down or up by a lot. Neither one gives you a good look at…it doesn’t give the coaches a really good evaluation for him. They want to see him when the game is still in hand one way or the other to see how he reacts and see how our team does with him in.”

On the communication breakdowns:

“There has been little stuff. There has been little communication problems here and there. I really can’t put my finger on where it is exactly. I don’t know if it is a lack of concentration or what. I don’t know. We have just had little problems with communication all year. That’s something we’re going to need to fix.”

On not throwing an interception in the last two games:

“I feel good about it. At the same time though I don’t really think about it during the game at all. I don’t know. I guess I have been, I don’t know, too conservative at times and to be honest, I just feel like I am making good decisions. The mistakes I was making last year trying to push the ball down field are the things I am trying not to do this year. I feel like I have done a good job of it. Coach is doing a good job of putting me in situations where I haven’t had to force the ball down the field by their play calls.”

INJURY UPDATES: As of 3:30 p.m. Monday there were no updates on any of the Seminole players injured in the Rice game. The injury repost released Sunday is below:

Marcus Ball – Knee injury

Tony Carter – Knee injury

Jacky Claude – Mid concussion

Josh Underwood – Fractured Finger

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