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Gene Deckerhoff’s Top 10

Nov. 16, 2011

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.. — It’s only fitting for a man whose voice is synonymous with Florida State football to deliver a line that sums up his career and the milestone that he will reach on Saturday.

Gene Deckerhoff, the long-time radio play-by-play announcer for the FSU football team, will call his 400th game for the ‘Noles this weekend when Virginia comes to town. Wednesday, Deckerhoff shared his thoughts on the longevity of his career and some of his fondest memories.

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In the long list of sights and sounds, triumphs and setbacks that Deckerhoff has witnessed from the windows of a countless numbers of press boxes across the country, three short sentences sum up the living legend that is Gene Deckerhoff

“I am a Seminole. I will always be a Seminole. And I love saying, ‘touchdown, Florida State,” Deckerhoff said Wednesday afternoon.

And FSU fans love hearing Deckerhoff make those calls.

Deckerhoff began working as the full-time play-by-play man for Florida State in 1979 with analyst and former coach Bill Peterson. He then sat alongside Vic Prinzi for 15 seasons, P.T. Willis for another 13 years and he has worked with William Floyd the last two-plus seasons.

In that span of 399 games, Deckerhoff has seen every memorable play in Seminoles history — and most importantly, he remembers every one of them. Now entering his 400th game, Deckerhoff has called 1,656 Florida State touchdowns.

Here is a list — according to Deckerhoff himself — of his 10 favorite games and 10 favorite plays in a career that officially hits 400 games and counting when the ‘Noles and ‘Cavs clash under the lights on Saturday.

Top 10 Games:

  1. 1999 – National Championship game – FSU beats Virginia Tech 46-29
  2. 1996 – “1 versus 2” game – FSU beats Florida 24-21
  3. 1994 – “The Choke at Doak” game – FSU ties Florida 31-31
  4. 1989 – “Dexter Carter Flag” game – FSU beats Miami 33-21
  5. 1993 – “Ward to Dunn” game – FSU beats Florida 33-21
  6. 1988 – “Puntrooski” game – FSU beats Clemson 24-21
  7. 1993 – “Goal-Line Stand” game – FSU beats Kansas 42-0
  8. 1992 – FSU’s first-ever win over Georgia Tech – FSU beats Georgia Tech 29-24
  9. 2005 – ACC Championship game – FSU beats Virginia Tech 27-22
  10. 2009 – Bobby Bowden’s final game – FSU beats West Virginia 33-21

Top 10 Plays:

  1. 1988 – Puntrooski vs. Clemson
  2. 1999 – Peter Warrick’s touchdown catch against Virginia Tech in the National Championship game
  3. 1993 – Warrick Dunn “separates” at Florida
  4. 1994 – Rock Preston’s “3-2-1 touchdown, touchdown…” run vs. Florida
  5. 1988 – Deion Sanders’ punt return at Clemson
  6. 2000 – Chris Weinke’s 98-yard play-action touchdown pass to Snoop Minnis against Clemson
  7. 2010 – Dustin Hopkins’ 55-yard game-winner against Clemson
  8. 1992 – Tamarick Vanover’s game-opening kick return for a touchdown at Miami
  9. 2005 – Willie Reid’s punt return in the ACC Championship game against Virginia Tech
  10. 2011 – Greg Reid’s 83-yard punt return against Miami
  11. Bonus: 2009 – Christian Ponder’s 98-yard touchdown pass to Rod Owens at North Carolina

Be sure to come back to on Thursday for a full-length video feature on Deckerhoff and hear him talk more about his incredible career.

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