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Ask the Seminoles

Men’s Basketball Coach Steve Robinson

1. Since joining the ACC, FSU has not risen to the level of the other
ACC teams in this basketball rich conference. What is it going to take to
elevate the program and make us, not just a serious contender for the ACC
title, but also the Final Four?

– Jeff Futch

Florida State competed for the ACC title in the first two seasons
in the league (1991-92, 1992-93) and now we must develop consistency in our
play. We also need to continue to receive national exposure, like we got
when we played in the preseason NIT, and play a schedule that will help
provide that type of attention. That really helps recruiting. Finally, we
need to receive the type of support from our fans like all of the ACC teams

2. How is Geoff Brower coming along with his rehabilitation from his
knee injury and how do you see him contributing to the team this year?

– Jeff Scroggins

Geoff is making good progress. He is adapting to playing with that
brace and it slows him down some. We think Geoff can help us in many ways
this year. He can give us some depth, outside shooting and leadership.

3. Which one of our players do you believe has the most potential to
be our “go to” guy when the game is on the line and we need an important

– Michael Smith

Right now, Terrell Baker and Kerry Thompson on the perimeter and
Randell Jackson and Corey Louis inside have that kind of ability. Kerry
was able to make tough shots like that last season and I think others, like
LaMarr Greer could also step up.

4. What kind of weaknesses do we have on this year’s team and how will
you try to improve them?

– Bryan Pelham

We have to show better concentration on the court. One way to do
that is through practice and all the repetitions that our players get from
practice. This will help us make better decisions during the game

5. What will or have you said to recruits to convince them to play
basketball at Florida State, when traditionally FSU has had a great
reputation in football?

– Helgi Leja

I tell them that it is a brand new era at Florida State. I like to
have a family atmosphere around my teams and this team is a family. They
have a chance to be a part of that by coming to FSU.

6. What is the most important thing you gained from working under Roy
Williams for seven seasons at Kansas?

– Jodie Owen

I learned so much during my time under Coach Williams at Kansas.
He is a great man and I consider our relationship more, brother-to-brother.
Some of the things that I took from him are hard work, treating our kids
fairly and what it takes to run a successful, first class basketball
program. He has done all of that at Kansas and I am trying to do the same
here at Florida State.

7. On paper we seem to have the talent to contend, not only for the
ACC Championship, but to also make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament. Do
you feel there are heightened expectations because of the returning talent
on the team?

– Palmer Sampras

We most certainly are aware of the expectations but the thing our
kids are most aware of is our own expectations to do the very best everyday
in everything they do. One thing I have stressed since coming to Florida
State is that we need to do the best that we can each day and can’t worry
about things down the road. If you do the best you can each day, then all
those things at the end of the road can become reality.

8. Do you think college basketball players should be paid?

– Jeramie Howell

Yes, I think that they should be given some amount to live on
monthly. Student-athletes can’t work during the season as is stands now,
so why not. Maybe it will reduce cheating and gambling in college

9. What kind of coaching style can Seminole fans expect from you this
year and is there a certain coaching philosophy that you subscribe to?

– Ernie Reiter

I really believe in hard work and effort and I emphasize team play
and defense. It will certainly be an exciting brand of basketball for our
players and Seminole fans.

10. How much time in practice do you generally spend on improving free
throw shooting and when during practice do your players shoot free throws?

— Steven Linzy

We shoot in competition, during 5-on-5 scrimmages and shoot-around.
We put the players in different free throw shooting situations as well. We
spend a good portion of time during practice working on our free throw
shooting because it is a very important part of the game. I think it is
one of the three keys to winning games, along with executing on the
offensive end and making defensive stops.

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