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Ask the Seminoles

Women’s Basketball Coach Sue Semrau

Sue Semrau

1. It concerns junior guard, Jenn Miller…I saw her play very
little in her first two seasons here. I was just wondering how big of a
contributor she is going to be this year.

-Robert Jackson, Wakulla

Jenn Miller has opted not to play this season but is still enrolled in
school and maintains a scholarship. This decision was made last spring,
prior to my arrival.

2. I am 13 years old and want to know what you look for in a
basketball player, I would like to play for the Seminoles.


We look for not only talented athletes who possess good basketball
skills, but also quality people and top notch students with a lot of heart.
Keep working hard and keep us posted on your progress!

3. What type of conditioning drills do you put your team

-Latoya Monique Wright

In the preseason, we do a lot of running on the track. We do mostly
speed work. We also utilize the football stadium to run the stairs and run
sprints on the field. During the season, we’ve implemented a daily sit-up
routine and continue to do a lot of running with and without the ball to
get in and maintain top condition.

4. What are your expectations for the “Noles” this season? What
specific goals have you set for this year’s team.

-Gary in Tampa,

We expect to be an exciting and competitive basketball team this year.
We are looking forward to a higher finish in the ACC then any player on
this team has experienced. We have our hopes set high!

5. Could you tell me about your days at UC San Diego, and do your
experiences there at a Division III school in any way help you now,
coaching in the ACC?

-Jeff, San Diego, Calif.

First of all, I love San Diego and I loved my experience at UCSD. I
believe playing and coaching at a Division III school taught me how to
appreciate all of the things that go into coaching basketball at the
college level. I had an opportunity to do it all and not have to
specialize early in my career. It’s been a great advantage to bring with
me to the ACC.

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