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Responses from Monday Night, February 26, 2001

Michael – Austin, Texas (Univ. of Texas)
My prayers are with the FSU community an the family of Devaughn Darling. It seems that today is a sad day in both of our communities with the passing of Devaughn and Cole Pittman, who died early this morning also. Not much to say but pray for both of these young kids families.

All of my prayers are with your family…wanted to let you know…everyone is here for you..God Bless..Jason

Robert-Paul Tallahassee, Florida
“May God’s healing white-light be upon Devaughns’ family and the many gifts he shared, be remembered in the hearts of all that he has touched. Forever he shall be, in the wings of Love. Your spirit lives on.”

J.B. Tallahassee, FSU
Devaughn, May God bless and rest your soul. May he also be with your family and the rest of this university.

Brad Gholston, Sugar Land, Tx
Devaughn was a blessing to us all, and his light shined stronger than anyone that I have ever met. He was simply too good to stay with us for too long so God took him back. A piece of my soul left with him. He will be sorely missed. Devard, my prayers are with you. God bless.

Mindy Huffman, Richmond, Texas
Friendship is a virtue that should not be taken for granted. God calls people at different times, so tell the ones you love that you cherish your friendship with them while you can. Don’t take time for granted. Hold on to your memories that you have with Devaughn. I remember in the seventh grade when he gave me my nickname “Huffy”, and this name stuck with me throughout high school. Each one of us had a different relationship with Devaughn and different memories, but one thing we all have in common: We all loved and admired Devaughn. My prayers and thoughts are with the family and close friends. I love you and take care.
Mindy Huffman aka Huffy

Teresa Alvarez Richmond, Tx
Devaughn was someone who truly touched everyone’s heart. He was loved by everyone he knew. I can still remember seeing him in the halls walking to class like it was yesterday. You never know when you will lose someone that has touched your life in some sort of way. I will miss you Devaughn.

Melanie G. Orlando, Fl
All my thoughts and prayers go out to the Darling family. Especially Devard, keep your head up Sweetie, everything will be fine. You have great teammates that will be there for you. My heart truly goes out to you. Take care and God bless!
Love Always,
Melanie G.
(#59 C. Howard’s girl)
PS- Look towards God for anything & Everything, and he’ll be there for you. He’ll NEVER leave you nor forsake you! 🙂

Chris (Gainesville, FL)
My thoughts and condolences go out to everyone at FSU and especially Devaughn’s family for the tragic loss today. I go to UF and even though our school’s are rivals on the field a lot of people I’ve talked to here at UF are saddened and shocked at how a player died that had so much more life to live.

Our Condolences, thoughts and prayers…
UF Student

James Roselius (College Station, Texas)
It is with sincere sadness that these words must be written. Athletes In Action would like to send our thoughtful prayers to the FSU, but most importantly, the Darling family, in light of this tragedy. We pray that the memory of Devaughn’s life he, the brief moment that it was, would cause us to cherish ours all the more. May God move us all toward life in light of death. Devard, may God comfort you as never before in this time of mourning. God Bless.

Dustin McComas Spring,Texas
Devaughn…we will all miss you dearly. As a young kid i watched you and your twin brother play in high school and i knew ya’ll would become stars. My prayers go out to the Darling family and all people that were close to this great person….it’s a shame he died while trying to work…and get better at football, which is what he loved to do. We all all miss you dearly Devaughn.

Salem, Missouri
Devaughn Darling, I already miss you dearly. I just want to say to Devaughn’s parents, and his twin brother that all prayers for you and your whole family. Sorry this had to happen. We love you all.
Chad Nichols and family

Sharonia Edwards (Belle Glade, Florida)
It is with great sorrow and sympathy, that I submit this message to the family of Devaughn Darling. It is my prayer that the Lord will give all of you strength to endure with, this tragic and painful loss. Have faith in God beacuse, he will provide and remember that he is to wise and to just to make a mistake. Again, I am sorry for your loss and my prayers are with you.
Sorrowfully Submitted,
Ms. Sharonia Edwards-Fellow FSU Student

Ryan Bollinger, Barnhart, MO
I really enjoy watching fsu football, they are my fav. college team by far. And I remember watching Devaughn play, when he got the chance to, and when he played on special teams. I think he could have been an even more outstanding player then he was.

I would just like to pray for the family of Devaughn, and that his brother keeps playing hard, and in memory of Devaughn.

That’s all I have to say.

Jeff Lieberman – Vero Beach, FL
I hope you can find the strength to help yourselves pull through this tough time. Just rest assured that Devaughn is in a better place. I’m praying for you and so are others.

John Pfeffer(Nashville, TN)
I am shocked. I love FSU and have always loved them for the 15 years I have lived. I am soo sorry this happenned and I will definatley keep this in my prayers for the Darling Family. Well I wanna dedicate this to Devaughn as we all know he musta been a great player to attend FSU. We miss u man!

Siloam Springs, AR via Nassau, Bahamas
I just want to send my condolences to his family, especially his sister whom I was good friends with in school. I went to school with him in the Bahamas and remember him and his brother very well. I remember him as being a very good kid that loved sports. I am sure he will be missed.

S. Hinsey

Gerald Meadows, Hudson, Michigan
There are no words to express the sorrow
we feel for Devaughn’s family. The loss of a son is an unthinkable tragedy that
most parents will never know. All FSU
fans every where are praying that God’s comfort will touch the hearts of the Darling family. That is the only comfort that can help in times like these. He will be in our hearts for as
long as we are FSU fans. That will be always. May God Help you all.

Karen Nicholas — Tallahassee, FL
I had the pleasure of teaching both the Darling brothers this past fall — and their radiant smiles and friendship with one another will be forever etched in my mind. Devaughn and Devard a special gift from God, as students and individuals who have touched the lives of so many. I am praying that Devard and his family can find strength in this time of sorrow — and know that Devaughn is smiling from Heaven as a true friend would, to watch over his brother, to always be with him in spirit. All Blessings!

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
Wherefore comfort one another with these words.
I Thessalonians 4:17-18

Mark Lebresco West Chester, PA
To Devard and the entire Darling family, my prayers and thoughts are with you. God Bless You.

Sarah Uselton College Station, TX
All of my prayers go out to the Darling family and Devard; Devaughn you will truly be missed dearly. God bless your family in your time of need and remember that God will be there for you all. Stay strong and god bless.

Taralisha – Tallahassee, FL
“The Clock of Life”
The Clock of Life wound but once, No man has the power To tell just when the clock will stop At a late, or an early hour. Now is the time we have So work and love with a will, For the clock that is moving today Tomorrow may be still.

I’m currently a student at FSU and I never had the chance of knowing DeVaughn personally, but from seeing him around campus, I knew he was a good person. My heart goes out to his family, especially his parents and his twin brother, Devard. God will give you the strenght to pull through this. Just remember He is your “Comforter” and He will never put more on you than you can bear. You loved and will always love DeVaughn, but God loves him best. He’s gone on to a better place and one day we all will see him again amongst the pearly gates of “Heaven”. Cherish his memories and he will never leave you, but forever watch over you from his new home up in the sky.
To DeVaughn, “Go on, sleep my friend, take your rest for work here on earth has been completed. You have made it to the finish line and crossed. I loved you when alive without knowing you and I’ll love you now even more.”
just know that my heart, prayers, and condolences are with you all in your time of sorrow.

Taralisha Sanders, FSU Sophomore

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