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Responses from Monday, February 26, 2001

Lindsay Summitt, Lubbock, Texas Tech Univ.
Devaughn touched all of our lives in a special way. He had a beautiful smile that seemed to light up everyone else’s faces as well. I had many classes with Devaughn in which I looked forward to chatting with him everyday. I will never forget the eighth grade field trip, we all had so much fun together that day. My prayers remain with the Darling family and especially for Devard. There are many people mourning the loss of such an awesome guy. It helps me to know that he is in a better place now, perhaps maybe we should all be jealous. God knew he was truly special and decided he had completed his task for him. God decided it was Devaughn’s time to join him in heaven. I pray for all of Devaughn’s closest friends because he had many old and new I’m sure. I will always remember Devaughn, and it saddens me so much to think I will never see him again on earth. However, I know we will once again be reunited at the gates of heaven and I will look forward to that !
glorious day. I hope everyone will realize how precious friendship is and learn not to take it for granted.

Jake Forker, College Station, TX
Words can hardly describe what a terrible loss this is. Devaughn will always be remembered for being a class act in everything that he did. He truly was something special. God Bless the Darling family and Devard in their time of need.

Ken Fowler, FSU Instructor
I will keep you and your family in my prayers and thoughts.
I cannot begin to imagine how hard this must be for you.
I want you to know that I am available for ANYTIME you need
or want to talk.
Take care and God Bless.
Ken Fowler

Bill Groves
My thoughts go out to the Darlings. Your son will be missed and remembered by many.

Minister Lynn D. Griffin Sr.
Sometimes things in life happen and we try our hardest to understand why?
The Bibles states that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways.
We may look at this recent event as a big loss but just imagine, it’s
Heaven’s gain. I can almost guarantee that Devaughn wouldn’t trade places
with us for anything. He has entered into the gates of Heaven. He is experiencing the
peace that surpasses all understanding, the peace that guards all hearts and minds
through Christ Jesus. If you get a chance, accept Christ in your life
so that one day you may see Davaughn again.

Cedric Lang, Tallahassee FL
Words do not justice for how one feels at the lost of a loved one. So I simply pray that God’s peace & comfort will be with the Darling family. Football means nothing compared to a life. We will miss you my brother! May God comfort all the Seminole players & coaches. Only time can heal our pain. So let’s take our time and allow God to do a greater work in all our lives.

Robbie Hemstad, Richmond Texas
What can I say about the loss of a man I knew to be invincible. Devaughn was the one certain smile every day we knew him. He is the greatest competitor I know. I will truly miss his spirit in the locker room as well as his conduct in school. The bond he shared with his brother was unlike any I have seen. They were always together helping one another achieve their goals. Every one knew that #44 from Austin High school was a player who was to be respected, not only for his prowess on the field, but also for his stature as a gentleman off the field. He was a huge guy matched only by the love he gave this world. We were all touched by who he was and what he stood for. My prayers are with Devard, his family and the whole FSU community.

Kimberly Juanell Pettaway (Tarboro, North Carolina)
I would like to send my prayers and support to the Darling Family. My heart goes out to the team and those lives DEVAUGHN DARLING deeply touched.

Devard, my prayers will be with you through this trying time, but God is also with you and will always be with you. DEVAUGHN is watching from above and he wants you and everyone to know everthing will be alright. He is home now, with his Eternal Father; the One who has asked him to come home.

“For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.”


Chantal Curtis , Murray KY
I have had the pleasure of knowing Devard and Devaughn all of my life. The meeting place, was kindergarten and lasted until sixed grade. Back home in Nassau when we were younger, the brothers were so much fun to be around. At this moment, I could still hear and see devaughns laughter. Though time and distance have seperated us, you will forever hold a place in my memory as well as in my heart.
With lots of love,
Chantal Curtis
NCA class of 1994

Brandon – Houston or home
my prayers are with you and your family,and i can speak for my brother who was a good friend of yours all through out high school.i loved watching you play games.you always put on a show.you will be taken care of,your in good hands.we all miss you already.i’m sorry you had to go so early but its a time for everyone.you have also inspired me to do my best and always go for what i love.we at home love you and wish you could still be with us.we love you Devaughn!

Kenneth Keith Tallahassee,florida
I’m sadden to hear of you loss,my god bless your family in your time of need.Me and my family will keep you’ll in prays.God will help you’ll threw this,keep you head high for god knows best.

Blessing from the Keith Family

Akiko Roberts Nassau, Bahamas
Devaughn,I haven’t know you for a long time but this sudden and tragic event has still struck me as if I knew you all my life.I want to express my heartfelt sympathy to the Darling family and all your friends.Devard, Dennis, Stacy I will be praying for you’ll in hopes that you make it though these tough times.
I’ll always remember you Devaughn.
Rest in Peace.


Terrell Sims Lubbock, TX
Words can not express the pain felt by all the friends and family of this wonderful human being. He was an outstanding player and an even better person. He was a true student of the game. I belive he loved football more than anything else. It is sad but in a way fitting that he left this earth doing what he seemd to enjoy the most, preparing. Preparing for the next season, for the next game, the next quater, the next play. He was always getting ready. He displayed the most dedication and determination I have ever seen, in order to achive his goals. Yet through his succes he reamined level headed and focused, continuing to be a worker and a good person. My prayers and thoughts go out to him, his family, his friends, and to God. I have already set into action getting his high school number 44, retired in the field house as a memorial. We certainly morn the loss of Devaughn Darling, but let us not forget how he won our hearts along with the game of life. We wi!
ll miss you Devaughn, god bless you.

David Dickerson, Huntsville Tx
Devaughn was truly a blessing to the world. He will be greatly missed by all. My condolences to to all family and friends.

David Dickerson
#34 Clements High School Football
Class of 2000

Scott B. ( Tallahassee, FL) student @ FSU
You got to experience a great joy in playing football for Florida State University. I hope that your joy is now even greater in heaven. I wish the Darling family and all of Devaughn’s friends well and that I will be praying for you. This campus has lost a classmate, a friend, and a role model. On behalf of the students of FSU, We will greatly miss you.

Daniel Beal Columbia, MS
An outstanding young man and athlete will be missed by the Florida State family. My thoughts and prays go out to his family, friends, and the team. May God bless you all.

Sincerly, Daniel

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