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Responses from Tuesday, March 6th to 8th, 2001

Mark Webb (Tallahassee, FL)
The Peace of Christ be upon the Darling family. I can’t begin to understand your loss, but I extend my heartfelt prayers. “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

Kristie S., Nashville, TN
I didn’t know you Devaughn but I know you were a good person. I’m sure you will be missed greatly. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Darling family.

Jesse Baldwin, Stillwater, OK
The ability to grieve. Remembering friendships, today and yesterday. We are in the game, players, fans, friends, strangers. We all share the wins and losses, collectively as individuals. Being of community so many years ago, Not knowing what I can give back so many years removed. Understanding, acceptance, strength from those who have lived there, now wishing they could give something in return. A shoulder, a word, a tear.

Ashley Gooch, Taegu, Korea
I pray that the family of Devaughn Darling can cope through their loss and that they remember that their son is in a better place, looking down on them from above. i would like to attend Florida State University when i graduate from high school in 2005, and i look up to everyone in the school, especially Devard Darling for how they are handling the loss of their friend and brother Devaughn Darling…

Greensboro HIgh School Track Team (Greensboro, Florida)
We the Greensboro High School Track Team would like to say that we all truly will miss #53 running up and down the Florida State Football Field. We were very sadden to hear the bad news of FSU. But we all know that we all must travel the same road that our friend did. We ask taht the #53 jersey be flown at every FSU football game. Your friends, The Greensboro High School Track Team.

Mke Torrence, Dallas, TX
I am a graduate of Texas A&M, and know how the tragedy can affect the campus. I was at our campus when the Bonfire collapsed, and it’s not an easy thing to accept, especially when the individuals were pouring their hearts and souls into something that the school loves so dearly. My thoughts and prayers go out to Devaughn’s family–especially his brother. I hope that his play over he next few years will be an honor to his brother and family–I’m sure Devaughn will be watching from above!

Donna Ambler
To the Darling Family and his Florida State Family, May God give you peace and comfort at this time of loss for you. As a person, it is difficult to hear of the untimely death of a young person. As a fan, this is a time to rally around the team and, in particular, his twin brother. I will be displaying my FSU flag in front of my home in Michigan with the #53 prominent in view to honor our fallen teammate.
May God Bless all of you abundantly!

Annemarie – College Station Texas
Seeing all the beautiful comments form everyone touches my heart deeply. Devaughn touched the lives of more people then he could have imagined. Seeing him in his casket was when reality hit a lot of us. He ment a lot to more than I had realized. Losing a dear friend is a pain that I could of never imagined. i know Devuahgn ould have wnated us to keep on going. We all have to be strong for him and for Devard. We need to realize that we were blessed with to beautiful Darling twins, and that we need to be there for Devard now. I can’t imagine what your going through Devard. You are in my prayers. One thing i learned from all of this is that tomorrow is not promised. We all need to appreciate what we have. I’d like to state what a wonderful women Mrs. Wendy Darling is. She raised a beautiful family. The twins are some of the greatest guys I know. A value she taught her sons, I have chosen to live by. With the Help of Jesus Christ anything can be accomplished. Hearing that Saturday at the funeral made me realze how we can all do what we want if we put our minds to it. Devaughn always met his goals, and it got him to FSU and now heaven. Devaughn I love you and may you be happy where ever you are. I know that your smiling away with that gorgeous smile of yours. Devard keep strong. The Austin graduating class of 2000 is here for we you. We love you and God Bless. XOXOXOX Annemarie Garza

Mario Faria (Burlington, VT)
God Bless your family! My prayers are with you!..

Earney White (Houston, Texas)
Devaughn, we all know that youre in a better place. You were such a nice human being with a kind heart.
You were an inspiration to all athletes at AHS. Your wok ethic, greatness, and will to win can’t be replaced. I will never forget the GC Fam Parties that yall threw for the April birthdays. We will all miss your smiles and laughter. I will never forget shaking your hand and wishing you the best at FSU on the last day of school. That’s a moment I will always cherish. Devard, keep your head up and be strong. Remember: You can do all things through Christ who gives you stregnth. PHIL 4:13

Michael Upchurch-Scott Tallahassee,Fl
This was a very nice young man as a younger student ponit of view. i remeber he give me autograph and wistband and even play basketball with me @ the basketball court and i all ways like him as on of the best linebacker in football! And still #1 as one of the best linebacker at florida state and thanks for everything like playing basketball with the young people! we use to play basketball with he on sundays
we will miss him Thomas Michael upchurch-scott

Jimmy Brunette Waterbury, CT
I’m 18 years of age and I still haven’t attended a funeral. It’s not that I don’t know anyone who has passed, it’s just that I haven’t ever gathered the guts to face a friend who I’ll no longer have the oppurtunity to spend time with again. I know how it feels to lose people who make up a great part of your life. Nothing will ever be the same. To the Darling Family: the Lord will guide you through. I will remember you in my prayers. Stay Strong.

Miami, Florida
Devaughn was the sweetest, kindest, most joyful, and uplifting person I knew. An angel sent from heaven, and because he was so special our Lord needed him back, because he was truly a blessing. Those who knew Devaughn can relate to what I am saying. He will never be forgotten, and I know I will see him again in heaven.

All my luv and prayers go out to the Darling Family. Find comfort and peace by resting in God’s love. Devaughn will be greatly missed but never forgotten!His luvin spirit will shine down on us daily.
Much luv and God Bless! Jess!

Charles Wills, Las Vegas Nevada
May God Bless The Members of the Darling Family and to the friends and staff members at Florida State. My heart felt prayers goes out to you all. Have Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and he will be with you at this time of need and at all times to come. love in Christ Charles Wills

Devaughn was not only a great football player but a great person as well. I will deeply miss him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. We have lost a great human being.

I’m sorry for the death. I know what you are going through. IT happen to my brother. But we have to remember all the good times that you had with him those are the best. God has taking him for a reason. AMEN

Stephanie Oguchi (Houston,TX)
Devaughn, Even though you are physically not here with us, your spirit and soul will live in our hearts forever.You are a wonderful human being and may you rest in peace.May peace be with you and God bless your family and especially Devard.We will always love you.

Eric Ryle Greensburg,IN
I am saddend by the death of Devaughn.I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at fan day.I got his autograph and told all my friends he will be the next superstar.Devaughn is in good hands now and will always be a superstar to me.Stay strong Devard and Team rally around this and win for #53.

Tony Keeler – Boca Raton, Florida
My deepest condolences for the Darling family as well as the FSU football family. I’ve been told everything happens for a reason, yet I fail to see a logical one in this case. As a high school football coach, I can only imagine what Devaughn’s teammates and coaches are going through. “Get up….Push yourself….Don’t quit” and other inspirational words are spoken during these intense workout
activities. No one can be to blame for what happened. God must have needed Devaughn on his team for the big game. I’ll look at that in a positive light, and see Devaughn making a great tackle or bone
crushing sack to win the game. He’s still going strong, just not here with us.

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