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Responses from Tuesday, March 13th to 15th, 2001

Michael B. Johnston (Tallahassee, FL)
My heartfelt sympathy to the Darling family in their time of loss. May many blessings and God’s love be bestowed on you and your loved ones. God speed.

Amy Reisman, Fort Collins, CO
I grew up a FSU fan in Tally, and also have a twin brother. My heart and deepest sympathies go out to the Darlings and his brother, his friends and his teammates. Bobby Bowden has made a special program based on faith and teamwork, and I pray that it will help you all in this sad time. And I thank his family for sharing his special talents with all of us. he was truely a special person. My love and prayers- Amy Reisman

Xavier Webb Easley, South Carolina
Hi FSU students, faculity and the Darling family, my prayers and hope are with you. I will miss seeing Devaughn play football. I know the team will miss him also. I give the Darling family all my hope and simpithy. I am sorry I spelled simpothy wrong I dont have a dictionary around to see how to spell it.
FSU biggest and best fan and yours to Devaughn, With love Xavier Webb

Nichole Beverley from Waycross, Gerogia
I am a tremendous fan and supporter of FSU. It has been a goal of mine for quite some time to go to college at FSU. However, I know what it is like to lose a realitive and close friend. A very dear and close friend of mine, who was also like a family member to me, died in January from throat cancer. He was 16 years of age and was born with spinabefida. His mother found out in early to late December that her son had throat cancer. My point is that I know what it is like to losed a very close friend and or realitive. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family members, friends, coaches..etc.. You all will remain in my heart and prayers.

Mexico, City
Hi! My name is Isaac I used to play here in the Mexico Seminoles, and I used to play with the #53. When I saw the new in the seminoles webpage I felt bad ’bout the death of your #53. I think he most be happy now… Send u salutes from Mexico…And the Seminol spirit is with us.. go ahead!

Jim Kennedy-Lufkin, Texas
To the Darling Family, Coaches, & Players, I didn’t personally know Devaughn, but feel as though I have come to know him as a fellow Seminole, by reading about him in the Osceola since he was being recruited with his brother. I know him as a fellow Seminole. I attended FSU for over four years, have grown to love FSU more with each passing year and yet Devaughn attended FSU for less than one year and loved it as much or more than most of us. Based on this love for FSU, the players, the coaches and football, he has left his mark for all via his character, drive, determination and will to succeed. He is a shining example and role model for all to emulate. I think BB said it best at the memorial service, Devaughn is an angel sent to all of us with the above as messages. FSU is BIG family. Please know that thousands of unknown fans grieve with all of you, particularily Devard and the Darling family. We also
stand behind you, support you and pray for you. We care for each of you and I personally believe that not only will he be sorely missed by each of you and the fans, but that his loss will also lead to something good. You will be stronger in the days to come and Devaughn’s life on this earth was to fulfill a purpose for all of us. Be strong, Devard, and remember that there are many of us out here
supporting you, pulling for you and want only the best for you. You see, this FSU Family is big!
Warmest regards, Jim K ’66

Rahn Aquizap- Hermitage, Tn.
I just wanted to let the family of Devaughn Darling and the whole Florida State University Family that someone living in Tennessee is lifting you all up in prayers! I know that this eventually will help everyone to grow closer together and become an even stronger family. Just remember to always put God first in everything you do, and God has a plan for all of us! He does not want us to suffer like this through terrible tragedies like these, however if we let him, God will help us to cope with the pain and we will be able to become stronger through all of this and know that Devaughn is smiling down on us right now. He would want you all to grieve, but he would also want you to do whatever it takes to be your best, because that is what he was doing before he died on this earth! Here are a few of my favorite bible verses I would like to share with anyone who may be interested: proverbs 3:5-6, Philippians 4:13, matthew 6:33, proverbs:27:17, philippians 3:14.

Tony Wadhawan (Kansas City, MO)
I have known Devaughn and Devard for a really long time now, since the eighth grade. I even experienced the great fortune of playing middle school and high school football with the twins. As long as I have known both of them, they both have had a good heart, and a good soul. What is even more sad, is to see a player like Devaughn with such great talent, and who was unequivocally spoken NFL bound, depart in such a way. As soon as I heard the greiving news, it brought tears to my eyes and I was in disbelief. Devaughn was a good friend, and I shall definetly miss him. My prayers are with Devard and the family.
Tony Wadhawan

Chris, Florence Italy
My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Thank you for your love and effort in making Florida State a great place. We will carry on in your efforts.

Julian Wright, West Palm Beach, Florida
To the family of Devaughn Darling; I am deeply sorry for this terrible losing Devaughn I admired your son and his skills on the football field this has been a great loss to the Seminole football team and for the family. I will continue to pray for you and keep your faith in God because is the only one that can help you heal. Sincerely Julian Wright

Knoxville, TN
I have been told that the good die young – this young man only proves that. I am sadden by this news, however, I feel that the Noles will want to go out for #53 next season!!

Willony Holman – Riviera Beach
Even though I did not know him, he was in my Math class. I want to send my condolences and prayers to the family. Know that God is with you and that He has always been there for you. He will never leave your side. And in Heaven he will be, a place with no worries or fears, looking down on all of you. And smiling. God bless and my prayers will be with you.

Marshall, Norman OK
The tragic plane crash has brought me to realize how fragile our lives are. As an OU student and a die hard sooner fan my thoughts and prayers are with the victims families, the basketball team, and the university. I want all people at OSU to know that I am not the only one at OU that feels this way. We all feel apart of the loss in some way. I am proud of OSU for the way you have looked ahead and kept moving on. The rivalry between the schools will forever hold a different and special feeling, almost one of a special bond. Oklahoma State…..Good luck and God bless

Jerriell Braswell
Stay strong and keep your head up because i know how is to loose a teammate.

Jess Gerrald (Garcia), Hanover, PA
My prayers are with the grieving family. Devaughn, you will be sadly missed and but remembered always!! May you be the Guardian Angel of the best football team in the nation…GO FSU!!!

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