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Responses from Friday, March 16th to 22nd, 2001

Brad Elliott: Woodstock, GA
As a former football player I know what kind of sacrifices these young men make. One thing can be for sure, he gave it his all. DeVaughn, we will genuinely miss you and my family and I will keep you in our prayers always.

Natalie Flanders Douglas, GA
I just want to say that Devaughn was an awesome player and will be missed by all. And Good luck to his brother. I know that it will be hard playing on the field w/o his brother, but God will give him the strength to go on. Just remember, through God all things are possible! I will keep the family in mind and in my prayers! God Bless!

Kyle , Kentucky
I feel so sorry for all the people that some how have a relationship with Devaughn. I never knew him but i have heard that he was a great brother, son, and person. Devaughn may you rest in peace.

Caitlin-Kansas City
Even though I didn’t know them, they still touched my life in many different ways. That night, the world lost 10 great men. They dedicated their lives to OSU basketball. My prayers go out to everyone who was effected by this tragedy. Especially to Eddie Sutton. He had the grusome task of calling everyone to tell them of this tragedy. Yet, he did not shed very many tears. Eddie, you are the most wonderful coach to ever touch basketball. Not only do you teach many players, you comfort them and guide them when they are in need. Always remember that there are 10 Cowboys in Heaven.

Michael (Sugarland, Texas)
When I was in the eigth grade him and his brother were juniors at austin highschool! We went over there everyday from garcia middle school and i watched them run track! They were so good and fast to all of us middle schoolers but now that i am in the 10th grade and one have passed Im just know realizing that it was him! I hope and pray that everything will be alright! Love Always, Michael Redond and Faimly

Brad Creighton Uxbridge, MA
I wish his family the best, and just know that he is in heaven, playing on the biggest field of all with the greatest players of all time. my prayers are with the family devaughn and the university.

Pamela Woods, Tampa, FL.
God picks a bouquet of flowers each day and on Feb 26th he chose Devaughn to be part of it!!
May the Lord bless the Darling family, friends, FSU alum and everyone else affected by the loss of this fine young man. You will be missed.

Daniel Moore
Do it for Devaughn!

Lynne Beverley Waycross, GA
What a pleasure it was to see your son/brother on the field!! He knew his job well, and took care of business, SEMINOLE STYLE!!! He will be missed!! I am sure God has a plan for him now as well as his brother — one to carry on here the other to tend to it first hand!! Our prayers are with you all!! I know this is a most difficult time. God Bless.

Canute McKenzie (Houston,TX)
Although I never knew Devaughn Personally,I did get to play against him For four years of high school at Cy-Fair High schoolin schedule scrimmage games.He was a great competitor and and by the way he played he had a strong love for the game. I know he will be greatly missed. And it is very painful to know thata player with his caliber of talent could be taken from the earth at the beginning of a promising career. I pray for the darling family to be able to cope withthis trgic loss. But my heart extends to Devaughn’s twin brother Devard who I know must have the hardest time dealing with this tragedy than anyone.But Devaughn is in a better place now where he can play ball year round. And devard I hope will know that although his brother and best friend is not physically with him, he will alwys be with him in spirt and he is always in his heart. I hope the best for the Daling family and I hope Devard will finish the legacy that his brother begand on as well as off the field. Devaughn although I did not know you I as well as many other athletes as your self shared the same kind of pa!
in and triumphs recieved on the field. I we eill always remeber you for what you accomplished and respect you for what you stood for. My Heart goes out to the Darling Family. “A life taken so young will not be forgotten by anyone” “One day your here the next day your gone” (UGK) Sincerely
Canute McKenzie Cy-Fair H.S. Class of 2000 #63

No Name
Every time you loose someone you love it is hard. You will think at him/her every time. Some day you can smile if you think of him/her but it hurts every time again.
I think and pray with all who think of you.

Dan (Toronto, Canada)
Thanks for the memories. RIP

Lamont Ellis Raleigh, NC
My deepest sympathies go out to the entire Darling family. Earth’s lost, is Heaven’s gain. Devard, you must continue on and be the strong person that you are, Devaughn’s spirit will forever be with you. Dennis I know this is a hard time for you but you must be strong for your family. R.I.P Devaughn.
May God continue to add his richest blessings. Lamont Ellis

Paul Hollandale, Mississippi
It is with great sympathy that write this to the darling family and to fsu this is great lose to you both but most of all to the family, my god bless you and continue to give you strenght to continue on in life.

Mende Ritch (Atlanta, GA)
My prayers are with Devaughn’s family as well as the FSU family. May God be with you all in this time of mourning. Go ‘Noles!!

Tommy Terry Nashville, TN
May god bless you in this time of mourning. thanks for all the memories devaughn, you will be missed!!!!!

Billy Ormond Beach ,Fl.
My prayers go out to the Darling family and the entire seminole family. The loss of such a great human being should remind us all that god has plans for us that far exceed the football field. May the angel up there with the #53 on his back take care of the Darling family. They certainly deserve a little added attention that only he can provide. god bless.

Brenda Redden, Sarasota FLORIDAi will
To MS. SMITHE and her family, just remember: when the storms arise, and the winds blow, God said, i will be with you. when you are up, when you are down, almost level to the ground, God said , i will be with you.through thick through thin, from the beginning, right to the end, God said i will be with you!!! hold on, you can make it. and remember, IF GOD SAID IT, THAT SETTLES IT !! i will continue to keep you in my prayers!!

Crystal Snellville, Ga
I know that the lost of a loved one is hard to bare. But keep your faith in the Lord. He is your Guide throught the unknown and fearde places in our lives, and he will hold you the closest in
your time of need if you choose to lean on him. I’ll be praying for yall and thinking of yall!
Love in Christ always, ~Crystal~

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