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Responses from Friday, March 23rd to 30th, 2001

A Fan
Just wanted to express my deepest regret for what happend to such a bright young man. I send my prayers to his family and friends.

Stephen Lutes E New Port Richey Florida
Dear Darling Family, I am a loyal FSU fan who was sorry to hear about your loss. Devaughn was a hard worker and a class act. The world has lost a wonderful person. I am dedicating the 2001 football season to Devaughn. Hopefully the Seminles will end the season with a chamionship. Devaughn is a true champ just like the Florida State Seminoles.

Steve Wilson, Pineville, La
Hey boy i finally got my haircut all those times in high school you were telling me to get my haircut and i finally did it. i hope that you finally found the peace and comfort that you so eagerly deserved. i’ll always remember the time we spent on the football field as well as off the field. i’ll always remember the time we went to six flags together back in middle school, that was truly something to remember. i know that your watching over us seated right next to the man up above. thank you for always being there for me and always trusting in my ability to succeed. i’ll be praying for you as well as your entire family. you will always be remembered every time i set foot on the football field. from the entire wilson family you will be missed my friend. one love baby. bulldogs for life. steve allan wilson

Cristino Larios (Houston, Tx)
To this day I still can’t beleive that you are gone. Man you touched my life through all of your work ethics and for being an example. I still remember all of the hard work and sweat you put on the field when we practiced and especially during the games. I remember during the games you would always try to get everybody focused in the game and to get pumped up. I can still remember when you would say before the games “three and out, three and out” a goal that you set for the defense. And for goaline defense you would call out “six-two bob!” and it will make us laugh because of your accent. Man Devaughn you were a reason I wanted to work hard and to reach for highr goals. I remember my sophomore year, you were the strongest in the weight room, and Everyday I would stay afterschool so I could get stronger, hoping that I would be stronger than you. Thanks for giving me those talks before practice when I just was to tired to even go out there and practice. You were alwa!
ys optimistic about the future and after games you would say that we had to work harder no matter what team we played. You were a true leader and a very dedicated one. Thank you for all of the good times that we had on and off the field. Devaughn as I see through all of the notes that have been posted, it is proof that you have touched a lot lives. We ask why you? Why now? But it is all part of God’s plan. Devard I know that you are going through some hard times. Stay focused with the goals you have set because no matter what you do, Devaughn is looking down on you and has your back. Trust me this is a challenge that God wants you to overcome and I have faith that blessings are are to come in the future for you. Keep strong and have faith in the Lord above. Remember that we love you and that we are here for you. To the rest of the family, I know that you all are going through some tough times also; so, I pray for you all and Devard every night so that God may give strength, will, comfort, blessings, and peace. Keep your head up and remember that this is just part of God’s plan. “Bahamian Sensation” thank you for all of those great memories and I know that they will never be forgotten. I know that you are in a better place looking down on us.I love you man. Rest In Peace #44. Missing You Tino Larios #54

No Name
To players and coaches
Each time u take the field think that Devaughn was the person that told u how to fly

DeVol Jasmin (Catonsville, MD)
You and your family will forever be in my prayers. RIP #53! GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Wells South Park, PA
I’m not known or anything, i was visiting the site, but before i say that, i was talking to my friend the other day and we always talk about college football everytime i talk to him. We talked about Devaughn, and I just wanted to say that i was thinkin about it and my prayers are with you.
Ryan Wells

A sad nole in bartlesville, Oklahoma
Devaughn will be missed alot here in oklahoma. he was a great player and i got to like his playing. I’m pretty sure that in his season here he was very happy to be a Florida State Seminole. my heart goes out to his family and friends and also to the team. i bet he was a good guy. i know he was a good guy. i will always remember the #53and every time i here or see 53 i will think of Devaughn Darling.

Daniel Brown, Elkins Park, PA
I am praying for yall and the family I am a big FSU fan and when i heard what happen I was shocked and I want to say stay with jesus and he will work it out for u.

Joseph Siciliano (altmontsprings) (FL)
You were one of the gratest to every play you will be missed. yours truly Joseph Siciliano

Arifah Hamilton
To the darling family: my prayers go out to each and every one of you. keep on smiling and know that devaughn is forever looking down upon you. to twin: i know you’ve lost your other half but be strong. he’s never going to leave your side.

Byron Collins, Eleuthera, Bahamas
I don’y know Devaughn personally, but death is something we all can relate to. I just want to extend deepest sympathy, and say that “memories keep the one you loved close to you in spirit and thought and always in your heart, today and forever.” May God continue to guide you!

TSU (Nashville)- Nassau, Bahamas
I did not personally know the deceased but as a fellow Bahamian, I send my deepest condolences to the Darling family and his friends.

Kenny Styles, Nassau, Bahamas
As a bahamian Words can’t express how much pride both of the darling brothers gave all bahamians including myself, R.I.P. Devaughn, May God bless you. May the lord bless Devaughn’s family and especially his twin brother Devard, Much Love. Keep ya head up! Kenny Styles

Terra, Naples, Italy
To the darling family, i pray that the lord will give you all the strenght to move on. just know that your love one is in heaven with god away from all this maddness down here on earth. to the twin brother, i can’t say i know how you feel because i don’t have a twin but i can say i do know what it’s like to lose someone that is apart of you. i know it hurts, a lot just know that god want put no more on you than you can bare. if you ever just need someone to email or just someone that understands what you’re going through my email address is teesj@yahoo.com sincerely your sister in christ, Terra

No Name, Stillwater, OK
WE lost the love ones that touched everyone. May the good times last forever. And hope GOD heels everyone. I did not know these guys that died in the plaine crash. But GOD did not plane for this to happen But the 10 guys are safe with GOD. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone.May the sweet souls last for lietime.

Because Devaghn was with the SEMINOLE FAMILY, I know he was loved. My prayers and best wishes go out to the DARLING FAMILY. AFTER THE STORM COMES THE CALM.

TO DEVAUGHN FAMILY Even though you lost one,you still have one left I understand your pain cause i lost my very close member to. To the mom I have to say that keep your head up cause GOD is watching you every where you go,even though I’m 16 I have alot of confidence in you and God,so keep your head up and I will always love you and the family.If you feel like writing me address at the bottom? Lot 49 Southfork Rd
North Carolina, Parkton 28371 (910-858-2174)

Chris Sima, Addison, IL
Dear Devaughn, I only saw your name in the paper once or twice but it doesn’t matter what you did on the field. It was what you did off the field Peace Out and Rest in Peace,
Chris Sima

Dennis Harris (Eagan, MN)
To the Darling Family: Although this may seem to be a tradegy, God chose YOUR son to play on HIS team. A team that is “perfect” every second, minute, hour, day, and year. This team has never lost a game, and now Devaughn is eternal All-Star on the “Perfect Team”. Just remember God and Devaughn will be at every practice and every game every day, all you have to do is look into yours and they’ll always be there. May God bless each and everyone of you.

Jeremy (Donalsonville,Ga)
Even Though I did not know him personally. It hurt me to find out that FSU had lost such a talented Athlete. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and closest friends.

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