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Stacey W. Sugarland, TX
As a childhood friend of Devaughn’s since he moved to the U.S. I can’t even begin to tell you how I miss him. I can still hear him calling me today walking through the halls at school yelling out “Baby Shaq!” Today I sit back and think of all the good times we had together since Middle School. I miss those days, and with Devaughn not here it’s even harder. I never questioned why Devaughn had to leave us at such a young age because I’ve always been told that God makes everything happen for a reason. I know he’s in heaven smiling with that big old smile of his, and watching over us right now. Devaughn would want each and every one of us who knew him to go on with our lives and always place god first before anything. To Devard, I know you’ll make it my brother. You go out there and show everybody what you’re made of next season, and why Devaughn was right when he said that you were the best wide receiver. I know that I’ll be dedicating my entire basketball season next year to Devaughn. Devaughn I miss you and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I know that I will meet up with you once again at the gates of heaven.

Darius Gibbs Fort Myers, Florida
He was a really great player and I’m sorry that he died.

John Henry (Dallas, TX)
My heart goes out to the Darling family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God comfort you every step of the way. Keep your eyes on Christ…

Cle Elum, Washington
To the family of Devaughn Darling my prayers are with you and may god bless your family in this time of need. God Bless.

Daniel Opheim (San Mateo, CA)
A sad day, indeed!

My prayers go out to the family and friends you have lost a angel and god has received a true angel so god bless you.

Larry G. Edwards, Co.
In light of this tragedy to the FSU family, it is time to rally around the ones who need our support the most and show the world that the Seminole spirit is both strong and infectious. May the upcoming seasons always hold the memories of all of our fallen loved ones and be played in the undeniable spirit of Seminole athletics. We all send our warmest wishes and best thoughts to the family and friends of Devaughn, cherish the memories he has given you all and play and cheer for the Noles in his memory…..thanks Devaughn. Go Noles!

Katy Hydro, OK
I just want to say i much i feel the pain. i am 14 years old and have been raised to bleed orange and black so when this happened i was deeply hurt and i just want to tell the families and the OSU family that i love you and you are in my prayers.

Brandon Davis (Macon, GA)
I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the Darling family. I didn’t know who Devaughn was, but I know how it is to lose someone close to you. As a matter of fact, I just lost my best friend to an assassin’s (coward) bullet. He was only 16 years old, so he still had a long way to go. And just seeing him laying on his death bed seemed fake and it took my heart away from me. And being only 15 years old, I not used to seeing things like that. I was just a friend, so I can’t even began to imagine how much pain the mother of Devaughn is going through. It hurts to see a loved one dead, so I would just like to let the Darling family know that I have sympathy for them, let them know that everything will be O.K., and I will keep you in my prayers.

Kenyatta Edwards Dallas, Texas
Your family is in my prayers, and I know how hard it is to lose someone you love so much. May God be with you, and bring you comfort in this time of grief.

Kevin DeVaughn Jr. Katy,Tx
I would just like to send my thoughts and prayers out to the whole Darling family. Hope fully good will make some light in this situation for the Darling family and the FSU Family as well.

Lavarren Gullatt TX
As a fan of fla st and a high school player in texas my heart gos out devards family my prayer is with you.

Andrew ( Athens, TN)
I’m very sorry about his death and I’m praying for his family.

Michael Pensacola, FL
my deepest sympathy to the darling family.it is such a shame to lose someone so talented,and so young.

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