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Tip of the Week 3/11/02

You may work during the school year and earn
up to $2000 as long as you have attended FSU full-time
for one year and are academically eligible to compete
(NCAA Bylaw

Need some cash? Don’t whine or sob. Get off your couch
and get a JOB!

Tip of the Week 3/4/02

A secondary violation is one that provides
only a limited recruiting or competitive advantage and
is isolated or inadvertent in nature. Repeated
secondary violations may be combined into a major
(NCAA Bylaw

Let’s avoid the double trouble. (Repeat violations
will burst our bubble!)

Tip of the Week 2/25/02

Institutional staff members may provide
reasonable local transportation to a student-athlete
on an occasional basis.
(NCAA Bylaw

If your car broke down and you need a ride back to the
crib we can let it slide.

Tip of the Week 2/18/02

It is permissible for a student-athlete to
receive an occasional meal from a staff member or
booster provided it takes place at the individuals
home, as opposed to a restaurant.
(NCAA Bylaw

You can go for some good eats; But it must be at
their home if they plan to treat!

Tip of the Week 2/11/02

Students-athletes may not receive
payment, in any form, for his/her complimentary
(NCAA Bylaw

You can give ’em away, but you cannot get pay for your
tickets in any way.

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