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    Women’s Basketball Visits YMCA In Thomasville, Ga. — Home Of Lakesha Springle

    Seminoles take time out to give a basketball clinic to Thomasville youth.

    Following a morning practice on Saturday, February 16th, the Florida State University women’s basketball team took time out of their busy schedule to travel 30 or so miles down the road and spend some time with area youngsters at the Butler-Mason YMCA in Thomasville, Ga., the hometown of senior captain Lakesha Springle.

    Since Head Coach Sue Semrau’s arrival at Florida State, she’s made it a priority that by the time her players are seniors, they’ve had a chance to play close to home. Springle’s already close to home, so bringing her Florida State family to Thomasville was the next best thing.

    “We felt privileged to go back to Thomasville where they just opened a brand new YMCA and take Kesha home and be able to put on a clinic for the kids of Thomasville,” FSU Head Coach Sue Semrau said. “They were really appreciative and I think they were able to see Kesha in a different light as someone from their home town who has such a big heart and is fulfilling her dreams.”

    Following introductions, the group of approximately 60 kids, ranging in age from kindergarten to eighth grade, along with the FSU players and coaches, participated in an icebreaker game called “blob tag.” It’s an exercise used to get the kids warmed up in a fun setting where’s there’s lots of energy and lots of laughs.

    The kids were then divided into four age groups and each was given a team name by the FSU players and staff. The four team names were the “Ballers,” the “Tornadoes,” the “‘Lil Noles” and the “Hustle.”

    Each team went through four different skill stations covering the areas of shooting, defense, passing and ball handling.

    “I learned about dribbling,” six-year old Isabella said. “My favorite part was running in the blob in the beginning and I liked that I got posters from the players.”

    Following the learning phase of the clinic, Coach Semrau sat the kids down in one group and gave them a life lesson talk. She spoke about the importance of being a good student, minding your parents, teachers and coaches and how important it is to be a team player.

    Springle, herself, got up in front of the group for a question and answer session with the participants and their parents. Some of the questions asked by the parents were about FSU’s in-season and off-season conditioning regimen, a typical day in the life of a Seminole and what practices are like.

    “I think they’re a good team and I would like to play for them,” Olivia, who is 12-years-old, said. “I learned to always stay low when you play defense and when you shoot the ball, there’s a special way that you hold your hand that will make you have a better shot. Playing defense was my favorite part.”

    The clinic concluded with a drawing for prizes and an autograph session with Coach Semrau and the Seminoles.

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