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Georgia Tech Practices Wrap-Up With 15 Periods In Shorts Thursday

Oct. 30, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The triple option is not easy to prepare for but ready or not the Seminoles have their plan in place. Thursday was the final chance for the Seminole defense to work against Paul Johnson’s vaunted ground attack and the team spent 15 periods in shorts working on the final plans to not only face the Yellow Jacket offense but one of the nation’s best defenses as well. FSU will leave Friday to head for Atlanta and a stadium no current Seminole has ever played while wearing the Garnet & Gold.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

How much does it hurt to lose Corey Surrency?

“It hurts to lose any of them.  It hurt to lose any of them.  Somebody will have to step up.  Somebody will step up.” 


Will one of those guys be Jarmon Fortson?

“Could be.  Could be.  He’s coming along real good.  He’s a good receiver.  Big.  Gives you a good target.  He blocks well.”


How is Antone Smith’s health?

“Antone, he ran good today.  He out to be in good shape by Saturday.”


How is Justin Mincey?

“Mincey – didn’t look like he had practiced. He was out there today. Thomas looked okay.  Everybody else is okay.”


Wide Receiver Jarmon Fortson

On the chance he may see more action:

“It’s going to be very exciting.  I just come out here and work hard.  If I get a little more action there I am going to go out there and take my opportunities.”


QB Christian Ponder

On how practice has been this week:

“Everyone’s been focused and motivated and came out and worked hard all week. I think it was one of our better weeks at practice. I think we’re prepared. I think over the next couple of days everyone’s going to prepare and watch film and get ready. I think we’ll be ready.”


On Georgia Tech’s front four:

“They’re quick. They rush the pass really well. They do a good job of applying pressure and everything. We’ll have to good up front as well and we’ll have to control the line of scrimmage.”


On if he’s worried about having enough time to throw:

“No, I don’t think so. Not at all. Our o-line has done a great job all year and coach Trickett’s got them prepared and they’ve worked hard all week and they’ll be ready.”


LB Derek Nicholson

On how practice went for the defense:

“It went well. We were trying to get everything done, doing our defenses and trying to get all of our assignments with the defense we play.”


On if the team is prepared to play Georgia Tech:

“We feel very prepared. We feel sound, we feel like we have everything under control as far as different checks. You can’t emulate the speed that they run. The option is an unorthodox offense that you don’t see everyday.”






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